Thursday, October 29, 2009

18 months old

SHAY is 18months old today!!! I don't know why, but this seems like a milestone age. It is exciting. She really is a "big girl" - More toddler than baby. I love it. She is super sweet! She gives kisses and hugs on demand. There is nothing sweeter than Shayla Sugar..... Did I mention I love this age? She is speaking alot, still not all of it understandable, but she has a wide vocabulary. It is easy to teach her stuff, she's like a little sponge.

The other day, I put her in the laundry basket and tied a belt to the end. Then I would shout "ready, Go" and pull her. Everytime I would stop I would teach her those two words and by the end of the game she was saying "eeedddyy GO!" It was so fun! Jon taught her how to give a high-five. They learn so quick!

She is also copying what she sees us doing. That can be good, and that can be bad. I was in the kitchen fixing her lunch and I spilled something on the floor. I had a rag already down there, so I used my foot to wipe up the spill with the rag. Shay is just standing beside me. I go back to fixing the food and I see her take her foot and push the rag around over the floor. SOOO CUTE!!

She loves to read. I read her the same books over and over and over again. She loves it! Sometimes she "reads" to me. She will turn the pages and take my hand and rub them over the words and pictures. Toddlers are so smart!!

She is a cuddly baby. She loves her stuffed animals. Every morning, and after every nap, when I go to get her from her crib, she is hugging her three stuffed animals. When I pick her up, we have to get the stuffed animals (Minnie mouse, Pooh, and a teddy bear), and take them with us to the den. It is an armful, but she LOVES them. In fact, every morning while she is eating her cereal, she has them stuffed into her highchair beside her while she eats. She has NO room for herself, but she just smiles and looks at them. They are her little friends. Is your heart just melting yet?

She is still going down for two naps a day, but I think she will soon cut one out. She only sleeps for an hour or less, she stays in there for two hours or more. She sits in there and plays. I listen to her through the monitor. She talks and squeals and laughs. It is soo cute. I need to get a recording of it, I know ten years from now it would make me smile. I love those sweet sounds. It also gives me lots of free time.

PS: HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY HILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

LadyBug Shay

We took shay to a church "Trunk Or Treat" tonight. It was so fun! She is so cute in her ladybug costume. She left her hat thing on the whole time. She had a blast walking around.

My beautiful girls. Alysha wore one of dad's ODU's, just so she would have an outfit. Some of her homeschool friends were gonna be there and they were dressing up too. :) That was the best we could do on short notice.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My baby girl has had her braces on for two years............... this week she got them off. Here is her before picture:

Here is a picture of her Brand New four thousand dollar smile. Isn't she pretty? It was a big day! Her teeth look they should for that obscene amount of money they charge. I cannot imagine having lots of kids and lots of braces to pay for. Ouch! She is now living in "Retainer Land". She already hates those things.....