Saturday, July 11, 2009

a little vacation

This is not a baby anymore.... look at my toddler.
The picture below is shayla in my laundry basket. Alysha tied a belt to it and pillow-ed it up and she pulls shay around in it. so cute!!

I am going on vacation. Well, the girls and I are going to a condo on the beach for a week. Jon is going to California. Of course, he is going to a school for the USCG. Not a vacation for him.

I am going to relax and tan. I am hoping Shay will LOVE the sand.

We will not have internet access.
No checking my email.
No facebook
No blog stalking

whatever shall we do without our technology?

see you next week.......................

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My honeymoon weekend - part 1


We headed back to Florida from Alabama.... no kids. I was driving my new-to-me 2005 Ford Freestar that we purchased right before we left (I will blog about that later). Jon in our Honda.
We decided to stop at a few places along 19 that we never get to because we are either in a hurry or because of the kids. First we stopped at Fanning Springs state park. I have always wanted to go there. It costs money, so we just got a map and walked around the Fort Area, but one day I would like to do a family fun day there, swim in the spring and lay out on the "beach". lol.
Then we stopped at this winery I have always wanted to go to. Unfortunately, they had just closed. :( Oh well, at least we tried.

By now it is five o clock and we are hungry. (remember we left late cause I had a hard time leaving the kids... it was lunch time before we left. ) Since we have lived here, there is this restaurant that Jon talks about. Apparently, whenever they get underway, they always stop and eat at this place... it is the Burger House. It is only open weird hours, so it NEVER open when we are traveling by. This time it was!! I was so excited!! I took a pic from the truck.
It was good. It is a little mom and pop h-burger place. Much better than any fast food place could be. Really greasy. Jon and I sat outside on a bench and ate our greasy burgers and fries and had a great time. How relaxing not to have a schedule. No where to but and nothing to do, but enjoy each others company.

We got home after six o-clock. We decided to look up the local fireworks displays and see when they were scheduled. The one in Inverness was that night, so we decided to go. We just got up and went. No diaper bag to pack, no teenager to wait on, just us. We just got in the car and went. It is amazing how I was not worn out from the trip when all I have to worry about is me..... this pic is from my camera phone. pretty good!

Saturday, we got up and went to the first Saturday Festival they have every month in Dunnellon. I have lived here three years and I have always wanted to go and never have. It was really fun, not much to it.... kinda like a big antique yard sale. I did get some great Birthday week presents - cheap. We had a really good time, just walking around holding hands, looking and talking. Then it was off to walmart to buy the food for our dinner. We got steaks, baked potatoes, and the stuff to make a Greek salad. We grilled out for the 4th and really enjoyed an intimate dinner - just us.

Two pieces of turtle cheesecake. Yummo!!

We were sitting down to eat and Jon jumps up and goes to get the camera. He comes back and takes a picture of his food. I just watched and I asked him why he did that. He answered, "For your blog". OOOHH yeah, i got him trained..... for the record, he has never read my blog once. But the sentiment of it touched me because he knows that keeping the blog is important to me. What a sweet man! It really is the small things in marriage that we do for each other that speaks volumes.... don't ya think?

I almost took a picture of my food, just to show the personality differences. My plate WAS NOT pretty. I hulled out my mashed potatoes and mix them all together. I am not all about presentation.... his looked like it does when you are served at a restaurant. That is so funny.

I have really enjoyed our quality time - just us. This is just part one... I will blog Sunday soon... it includes a sea world trip and a Nilla Wafer visit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

PRE - 7 year anniversary honeymoon

I am home without my babies. It is just me and Jon for a whole five days!! I left them today in alabama with my mommy. It was hands down one of the hardest things I had to do - leave them behind.

Our anniversary is not until August 10th, but this is technically our celebration. Simply because we will not have a babysitter that day. We will celebrate that day as a whole family. This weekend is a private celebration, just Jon and I.

Tonight we went to a fireworks show and tomorrow we will grill out steaks and Jon will make his famous greek salad. :) We are also going to the first saturday festival in Dunnellon - something I have always meant to do since we moved here.