Monday, November 29, 2010

35 week check up

Went back to the doctor today for a check up and an exam. I am one centimeter dilated and the baby is in position. Does not mean anything but my body is getting ready and it is right on schedule. I actually had contractions last week, but they were fake ones. I am moving right along and I am feeling pretty good. I am uncomfortable pretty much all the time, but that is normal too. I gained two more pounds, which puts me at 19 total.

My mother informs me that I need to have my bag and the baby's bag all packed up. I am apparently falling down on the job. It has not even occurred to me. I have not even picked out a coming home outfit for baby boy. I will do that this week, but I think I still have plenty of time... (famous last words..)

We did accomplish something this week. Shayla is officially out of her crib and into her big girl bed. It is so awesome. Gotta give kudos to Jon, he did it all. He has trained her the whole time. She sleeps all night in her big girl bed. She lays there and calls my name to come and get her when she wakes up in the morning and from her naps. She is so big and grown up.... Time sure does fly............

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My little shadow

Little girls are the best!! My Shay is just like my Lysh was at this age. She likes to do everything mommy does. She "helps" me with whatever I may be doing....

  • When I do the laundry, she "helps" me. Which, of course, means I have to refold what she has attempted to do, and it takes twice as long, but I love it still. Love teaching her and spending time with her.
  • When I sweep, she holds the pan so I can sweep the dirt in it.She even has her own little broom so she can "help" me sweep.
  • When we vacuum, she likes to be right beside us, sometimes holding the cord, pretending to do it too. She especially likes to help wind the cord back up after we are done.

She is right there with me all day. When I get ready for the day, she "gets ready" with me. She brushes her teeth with me, puts on deodorant, and pretends to put in contacts, just like mommy. She especially likes it when I put on make up. I let her sit on my dresser and she pretends to put on some make up too. I let her hold the blush brush, and she copies everything I do. I always put some lip gloss on her. (I do not use lipstick, but just a light gloss). This is her favorite part, and mine, cause she puckers those sweet little lips out for me to put it on her.

She is learning all the time. She is striving for her independence, wanting to do things herself. She wants to open her juice cup so I can pour in her refill, turn out the lights herself when we leave the room, carry her "purse" (a.k.a diaper bag) when we leave the house, get her own utensil out when it is time to eat.... etc. If you forge
t and do it for her, she gets upset. She is learning and growing up so quickly.

She plays independently really well, but she likes to be in sight of me. She does not venture off by herself. If I head into her bedroom or mine to clean up, she comes toddling in there with her toys she was playing with and sits on the floor and plays til I am done. She just wants to be near mommy or sissy.

Speaking of Sissy.. she LOVES her sissy. Lysh w
ith get on the floor and rough house with her and she just laughs and screams. That is her favorite time! Lysh will hide in the hallway and "roar", which makes shayla scared, but she LOVES to be scared so she will just scream and run into the hallway!! Lysh will hide and jump out and scare her and Shay just eats it up, she LOVES it. Sissy is so much fun!

Her most favorite thing in the world is to help me cook/bake. I put her on the counter as I prepare food and she gets her own spoon to stir and
"help". Sissy bakes alot, so she really loves to help stir the batter and then she gets to lick the spoon afterward, which is good and sugary. Cooking dinner is her favorite time of the day. Just like everything else, she slows me down, but they are only little once........

She is also a very prissy little one. She does not like for anything to get on her hands. She comes to me, hands out in front, saying "oh no, dirty". Which is so funny cause most of the time there is just a little something on one little finger. But she feels dirty. When we go outside to play in the sand box, she would be ready to go in after 30 minutes cause she was dirty - haha. (I hear boys are just the opposite). My other sweet girl was the exact same way, just mommy's little shadow. Shay is more adventurous though, she will leave my si
de, whereas Lysh was a shy little thing and never ventured far from me when we went places.

I do love little girls... Did i say that? They are sweet, sweet, sweet!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Shay in the laundry basket!

Lysh and her bestie at halloween

My very grown up looking girl - soon to be 15!

Shay loves to hold the camera while you take a picture. We have many, many close up pics like this... cracks me up!! Loving this age!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

32 weeks - another doctors visit

This picture is just one of the things I will miss and NEVER again be able to use once this baby boy arrives. I love Maternity parking... hahaha... I am easily pleased. It is just a "perk" of being big and uncomfortable. Not many stores around here have it, unfortunately, so I make it a point to go to the ones that do. All for a parking spot. :)

I went to the doctor today and all is well. I have gained a total of 17 lbs. I am gaining less with this one than with Shay, which is normal since I do not have the diabetes this time. I go back in three weeks. It is really going by fast now. The end is coming up soon and I just cannot believe it is almost over. I am trying to remember it and enjoy it, since it is my last one.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November so soon?

I really cannot believe it is November. The weather is typical of Florida, still warm and hot. Still shorts and flip flops. Which is fine cause I do not have alot of long sleeve maternity tops, but I have a load of short sleeve.

I cannot believe I am 32 weeks. I have not accomplished things I wanted to, specifically with Shayla. I really wanted to have her potty trained and in her big girl bed by the time this baby comes. Neither of this has happened. I do believe she is ready to start potty training in some ways, but I am so big and uncomfortable that is seems like such a chore. I gave it a great big try this week. She woke up with her diaper all dry and I put big girl panties on her and gave her lots to drink. She peed once before naptime... on the floor. We did spend alot, alot alot of time sitting on the potty. She enjoys the potty, enjoys wiping and feeling like a big girl. She simply does not understand when she has the urge. Of course, when I laid her down for her nap, with her pull up on, she woke up with a full pull up. Could she really have held it?

My baby sleeps til 9:00 everyday. Then she plays in the crib for an hour almost every morning. This is why I have not moved her over yet. I love sleeping in a little extra. Once I put her in a big girl bed she will get up immediately upon waking and come to me. I know she is ready, I am not ready. I like the crib. I like sleeping in. I do not get much sleep as it is, so sleeping in a little is a nice treat for me. I am too big and uncomfortable to rest now. I pee three times a night. I have to HEAVE myself to change positions. This is all normal, I remember this with Shay, but it is definitely no fun.

On a funny note, my teenager says to me this week, "you no longer have a cute baby bump, now it just looks like you have a watermelon strapped to your tummy." Gee Whiz, thanks. :(