Thursday, April 30, 2009




*Pictures are forthcoming..........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

shay walking with her toy

More Firsts

Shay took five steps yesterday!! She did it a few times, it was soooo neat.
She just stood up by herself and walked!!

For the first time yesterday morning she crawled over and picked out her favorite book and brought it to me to read!!
How sweet.
That baby loves to be read to.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Random updates

First let me say, ELKA - You are hilarious!! Thank you for my numerous comments. Beef Jerky made me laugh out loud!! (you have to read my comments on previous post to understand). One day, you, me and the Nilla will have to hang out.

Shayla took 3 steps. It was awesome. She has not walked again, but she did that over and over two nights ago.

My Baby girl will be one next week! I took her for her one year pics this week. I wanted her pic with the big ONE - unfortunately they did not have a big ONE, the had a little bitty 1 that they sat beside her. Oh well....

Speaking of pictures - These places are a racket. I went in there chanting my promise to myself. "I will only buy the 10.00 package, I will only buy the 10.00 package......." Of course, I bought a little more. They know they are gonna get ya, that is why they take so many pics. There is always one or two you just cannot pass up!! Shayla was in a BAD mood that day, but the girl still managed to get 16 good shots.

Nilla is coming to town and we are going to see NKOTB in concert. LOL. That is right, New Kids. How hilarious is that? I can't wait. I am taking Alysha too. This will be her first concert ever. I remember my first concert, it was Richard Marx. Great memories.

I took one of those email questionnaire's this week and there was one question that struck me. It was "How are U today". The girl who sent it to me answered, "fat". I did not think that was what it was asking, so I answered "fabulous". The next person I sent it too answered it "fabulous and fat". Hil-a-rious!

Speaking of fat... I do not feel fat, all my clothes fit great, BUT, when I see pictures of myself I look like a porker. Is my mirror lying to me?? I like what I see in the mirror, but not what I see in pictures.. Of course, I can always stand to lose a few pounds. Actually, I still need to lose five to be at my Pre-pregnancy weight.

Homeschooling is almost over for the year. I like this time of year, when it all winds down. Summer is just around the bend. Next year is 9th, high school. I am nervous about it, since I am going into new territory.

Monday, April 13, 2009

life in the sunshine

I am on vacation. The USCG sent Jon to Honda School and we got to come along for free. A fabulously free vacation - courtesy of the military. I am sitting in my Hilton hotel room, relaxing. That's right, The Hilton. The CG gives us a certain amount of money for hotel room and food. Normally, I would choose a nice, cheaper hotel so that we would make money on the trip --- Not this time. I picked a very pricey 4 star hotel. Why? Because I am worth it!! We are always saving and cutting corners and doing the "right thing". This time, if we use all the money and make nothing.... who cares? This time, I was not going to do the responsible thing and go cheap.

We have a one bedroom suite right on I-Drive. It has hardwood floors and granite countertops. It has a state of the art fitness center, a huge heated pool and a free breakfast that makes golden corral look bad. During the week it has a free "light" meal and free wine from 5 - 7:00! I will have to go check that out today and see what that is all about. It is even has grocery service. You leave your grocery list at the front desk before 9:00 and they will buy them for you and have them in your room by 6:00 that night - for free. (you pay for the groceries, from publix) It is a home away from home. I love it. It is like a little apartment, it has it all. Oh, it also has two plasma screen tv's, one in the den, one in the bedroom.

We got here yesterday and Shay loves it. She crawled all over the place and inspected the room. There is not a coffee table, but a leather ottoman, which is great for a baby cause she can play on it. There is not alot she can get into, so i am not having to say NO all the time. Today we got up and hit the breakfast, the girls and I. (Jon is at school, he leaves early). Then we came back to the room and relaxed till shay's nap. Alysha and I napped while Shay did... because we are on vacation.... woohoo. I love to nap.

When shay got up, we all dressed in our swim suits and hit the pool. The cool thing about staying on I-drive is that all the people here are going to the parks. Even though the hotel is at full capacity, the pool is almost empty during the day. Since the pool is heated, I took shay in with me. She LOVED it. She splashed and laughed. At one point I accidentially dipped her head underwater, she got a little water in her nose. lol. It was her fault, she bit me!!

After we got tired of the water, we came back up to the 'apt' and I put shay down for nap number 2 of the day. As soon as she awakens, we will walk down I-drive to one of the 100 restaurants that are within walking distance and go eat something fabulous, since we get eating money from the CG.

This is pretty much how our days are going to go this week. lysh and I are planning to hit the fitness center in the afternoons, when jon is here. It is not a safe place for a baby that is on the go. Of course, we will go out to eat with the hubby every night. We plan to shop at all the different malls and outlets, cause there are a few, and basically see all there is to see in O-town. I would never live here, but it is a great place to vacation.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

visiting family

We went last weekend to my Aunt Sarah's house, just the girls and I. Shay had a blast. I put her toys and a blanket out there and she played while I tanned.

I bought a baby boat to put her in because the water was still too cold for her to touch. She liked it. Sissy pulled her around and around the pool in her little boat.

She got really relaxed while lysh was pulling her around and just layed back in the boat. It was so sweet.

At one point, she even closed her eyes.

Doesn't that look heavenly?? Complete relaxation.................................