Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two week check up

Tuesday I took Callen for his two week check up. He is doing great.

Some interesting facts:

Callen was born the same weight Shayla was: 8lbs 1 oz

Three days after leaving the hospital, Callen went to the doctor and he weighed 7lbs 8 ozs - which is the weight Lysh was when she was born

At his two week check up he weighed 8 lbs 13 oz

He was 21 inches long... he went up an inch.

To me he is still tiny though. Shayla always seemed big, maybe cause she had a big head, but this one is so tiny and is always curled up in a ball. He is like a little bug. This is the quietest baby I have had. He rarely makes a noise, and when he is upset he just wiggles and kicks his little arms and legs. He looks like a beetle bug that has been turned on its back - ya know how they kick and squirm.... that is my baby boy. haha!

He was circumcised a week after leaving the hospital. Apparently the insurance companies consider it cosmetic, so the hospital where i delivered no longer does this for you. So we had to pay out of pocket for it - $200.00 - and wait til we got to our doctor. (I do think my insurance covers it, so they are gonna file for me and try to get my money back.)

Since Jon is still currently unemployed, we have been tag teaming taking care of him. He sleeps in between bottles at night, but he is up every two hours, he does his longest sleeping stretches during the day...a common thing among newborns. I am trying to wake him up and all that jazz, but the first two weeks it is kinda pointless, they are SO SLEEPY! Both my other babies slept thru the night by 12 weeks, so I am confident I will have this monkey man doing the same, it just takes time.

At this point, I am just enjoying this baby. The feel of his little curled up body in my arms, the smell of a sweet baby..... I love it. He has just started to outgrow his Newborn size clothes...and it makes me sad, I wanna keep him small forever. I do not want him to grow up! I am loving the fact that I am so well rested. Having Jon home everyday has been amazing and wonderful! I almost don't want him to get a job and leave us... (but income would be nice... :)

Shay is loving this baby. Every morning she wakes up she asks for "the baby" and she goes looking for him. She loves to hold his little hand and "help" feed him by holding his bottle. She has not had any real jealousy issues yet or acted out in any way.

Cal seems to have come into our family and FIT into place. There was no ripple or major adjustments, like he was meant to be here and has been here all the time.... how blessed!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Callen David Sund

Callen David Sund
Born January 3rd, 2010
At 9:03 a.m.