Sunday, October 28, 2007

13 weeks and feeling great

It is really going by fast now!! I will be all big and showing before I know it. lol. My shorts are getting tight in the midsection. I can definitely see a baby bump now. That means it is only downhill from here. I am just gonna get bigger and bigger. :) I can eat vegetables and all my healthy foods again. I have completely stopped walking getting exercise for some reason. Now that I am not sick anymore, I do not have any desire to get on that treadmill. I feel tired alot. Just the other day I decided I was gonna workout while I felt good. I got all my cleaning and stuff done and I went and put on my workout clothes. I came into the den and sat down for a minute and the next thing I know I wake up and two hours have gone by! It is crazy!! I do enjoy taking naps. The first time around I had to work and go to school full time, so I did not get a nap. I am taking full advantage of being able to rest whenever my body tells me it needs rest.

I do crave certain things sometimes. I have been wanting a Quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds, which is unusual for me because I hate fast food. My husband indulged me this time though and on Saturday night we went out for dinner at McDonalds. Have you ever been to a Mcd's on a Saturday night? We were the only people there under the age of 70. haha. The place was full of elderly couples out for their weekend hamburger. It was so funny!! It was soooo good!

If you read my pregnancy ticker on this page it says the baby weighs 1.5 oz. The baby is practicing smiling, grimacing, frowning and squinting! How neat is that? I went to church today and met a nice couple who also homeschools. She had a little baby boy and he was soo cute. See her holding that sweet little sleeping baby made we want for the day when I can hold my own little baby boy/girl. According to my ticker I have 187 more days to go.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The 80's

Hila, this is for you.

Alysha found an old BANANA CLIP in my bathroom and wanted to try it out. She went to her bathroom and came out looking like this

I laughed and told her that something was wrong. When I looked closer I realized what she had done.

She put it in upside down. :) Too funny. So much for 80's hairstyles...... I never liked banana clips.

12 weeks!!!!!!!!

I hit twelve weeks last Friday!! I feel like a million dollars. I no longer have to sleep with crackers by my bed. I am over the worst part of the "morning sickness". I am feeling normal again. It is so nice to feel better. I can say I am human again. Alysha is happy too, I can now wait on myself. lol. I still get tired alot and have what my mother calls "the dropsies" (which means wanting to sit down often and alot), but all in all I feel good. I am still wearing my clothes, although I feel like i have gained weight. I did read that feeling bloated was normal, as is dizziness, but i have not experienced that. I really have been blessed this pregnancy. It has really gone very smoothly. I pray it continues this way.............

my baby boy

My kitty thinks he is a real baby. He likes to climb in the baby's seat and play with the hanging toys. :) How cute!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

size eight and cross dressing

I put on my favorite pair of shorts this morning and they still fit great. (Thank you Kristy for all the clothes, I don't know how I ever lived without these shorts.) I just keep waiting for the day I am going to try to put on something and it is not going to button. hahaha. Dreading that day. I have not gained any weight as of yet. According to my pregnancy tickers, the baby on weighs an ounce or so.

Now, a funny story. Mom, Alysha and I went to Target yesterday to look at baby stuff. It was lots of fun to see all the stuff you can buy for baby. Anyway, we were leaving and this "woman" walks in with a short skirt and high heels on. I knew at first glance this was not a woman. My mother on the other hand, did not get it. First she says, "can her high heels get any higher?" I start to laugh and she says "that is the ugliest woman I have ever seen." I am rolling now and I inform her that is NO Woman. She stops dead in her tracks and stares at this man. Alysha and I keep on walking and head out of the store and my mom stands there and openly gapes at this guy as he walks by. lol. Alysha, of course, has lots of questions for me about why this would occur. I do not have any really good answers for these questions, this is not something you prepare for, ya know? I told my mom how rude it was to stare like that and her response was "If you are going to dress like that and go out in public, then you should expect people to stare at you." I do not agree with this philosophy, but she is old and can do what she wants to. haha. Needless to say, it made for great conversation for the ride home.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

eleven weeks - The name game

I am eleven weeks! It seems to be going by a little faster. My mother came down to visit me this week. I hope having company will make it easier for me, staying busy and going places. I have started walking around the block this week and getting outside with the fresh air seems to be lifting my spirits. I really have enjoyed it.

I have been pouring over baby name books this week also. The first question people always seem to ask me is, "Do you have any names yet?" It is still early for that question I think, but I decided to go ahead and get started. I have made the mistake of finding a few names I like and telling people those names. Oddly enough, people like to tell you how much they don't like that name. So, I have sworn my family to secrecy from this point on. I will not reveal the names I am throwing around so no one can tell me how ugly they think it is. lol.

There is one name that is already decided if we have a boy. His middle name will be David. It is a family name on Jon's side. I pretty much got no say so in this name. I do not like the name David, personally, but that will be his middle name. I told my hubby that the first name is all mine. He can only veto if he absolutely hates it, and even then, I can override. He was not to pleased with that. haha. Only seems fair to me! After all, I am doing all the work..........

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ten Weeks - AGAIN

I still cannot believe that doctor set me back a week. I was supposed to be eleven weeks this weekend! Moving forward is the goal here, not backwards. Unfortunately, I have had a horrible weekend. I think I have felt the worst I have ever felt these past few days. I am just making it through my days and it is miserable. I just cannot do this for very much longer. According to all the books and previously pregnant people, about week thirteen I will feel normal again. My mother likes to joke that it will be a magical day and all my feel bad will suddenly disappear and I will be alllllll better. I really don't care how it happens, I just know that it must happen soon, or I am not going to make it. I told Alysha today that I thought I was dying. heehee. She tolerates me well. I have been told that I whine alot, but I don't believe it.

So, this is what life has been reduced too. My day consists of sitting or laying on the couch while Alysha waits on me hand and foot. (well, maybe not that much). In the past week I have not been on my treadmill as much, I just have lost my energy even more, if that is possible. I do not have the energy to DO anything, but sit. I hope I have not gained 100 pounds just being sooooo lazy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


We had our doctors appointment yesterday, as you know, since I have already posted the ultrasound shots. It was really an awesome experience. I had my first physical exam, fun. The doctor told me all my lab work from last time came back normal and my lab work this time was great. That antibotic must have cleared up any problem with my bladder I was having. That is great news.

Then it was time for the ultrasound. I asked permission for the doctor to allow alysha to come in there, and they did not care. She really wanted to come and see it! It was so awesome! He had state of the art technology (his words). There was the BIG flat screen TV on the wall that he put the ultrasound on. So, Jon and Alysha and I watched the ultrasound on the BIG TV! I know I say this alot, but it was so different from the first time around. The baby was really active and he/she was moving around and flailing his/her little arms around. The doctor told Jon, "Dad, he's waving at you". haha. It was really the coolest thing. The doctor said that the babies at this stage usually sleep more often than not and we were lucky to catch him moving soooo much. He looked like a little peanut with arms and legs. He was able to show us the legs, arms, mouth and even the eyes! He was even able to give a 3 dimensional view. My uterus was tilted, so the doctor was having to really push down with the ultrasound thing. Needless to say, it hurt. He apologized, but man it did not feel good. Of course, totally worth it. haha. I think the neatest thing was watching Jon and Alysha. They were in awe. It was really awesome to experience it all together as a family. There is a real live wiggling baby in my tummy!!

The doctor measured the baby and put me back a week. He said I am not as far along as we thought. So, I will just be ten weeks this week, instead of eleven. That was not good news to me. I really question this method of determining due date, I mean, what if it is just a smaller baby? But, my new due date is May 2. It does not matter anyway, that baby is gonna arrive when he gets ready. I got on the scale yesterday and I had lost two pounds since my last appointment! The doctor told me not to get too excited, that it would start going the other way very soon. haha. I was surprised, though, because I have not thrown up any at all. I eat alot. I am still working out once or twice a day though. So, I am trying to stay healthy. I still think it is totally cool I lost two pounds, I don't care what that doctor says. lol.

This was the first time I had met this doctor, he is my primary ob/gyn. I liked him. He was young, but his hair was salt and pepper gray, which made him look older. He has a really soft voice and good bedside manner.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This a very small picture and I cannot make it any bigger. But if you use your magnifying glass over this picture, you can see a little arrow pointing to the babies head. It looks like a little peanut. lol. You should be able to double click on it and see it larger.

This picture looks weird cause it is a shot looking down on the baby. I think he called it a 3d shot. He had state of the art technology. It was really cool. Again, so so different from the first time around. There is an arrow pointing to the baby.

This was the BEST pic because you can see the babies mouth, looks like he/she is smiling. You can see his little arm great. the arrow is pointing to the mouth.

My Husband hard at work

Jon and his buddy Hatt
Jon working hard on a boat trailer!

Jon was part of a search and rescue team this week that was searching for a diver that did not come back up with the rest of the team. Unfortunately, the diver did not make it. He was cave diving, which is very dangerous, and got stuck down there. He was a local attorney and a dive instructor. His two students came back up when he disappeared for over thirty minutes. It was very sad. The coast guard looked for him for two days. Jon was on the crew that found the body and had to bring it back in to the family. A very somber day. (This was on Monday.)