Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Week to me!!

It is my birthday!!!! I have been celebrating all week.. seriously. My mom and I have this tradition where we give each other about five days of gifts to open the week before the actual birthday. It is small little things, usually stuff I pick up at garage sales, just things I know she loves. The point is not the gifts, but the fun of waking up every morning and opening a present. This year I got some a note card set, a journal, a pampered chef pot, spa set, and the grand finale: Croc Sandals!! Awesome!! The last gift, the ACTUAL birthday gift, is always the "biggie". It is a great tradition and I love it.

Over the years, I have taken it a step further - some might say overboard - and started making myself Princess for the week! This year was no different. It was great! I am pampered and I can get away with pretty much anything..... and I milk it for all its worth. In fact, by the time my birthday comes around, my family tells me "It's OVER tomorrow!" Hahaha. I think they get tired of hearing me say, "but it's my birthday week......". I use it often and alot to get out of doing anything I do not want to do.

So, my husband woke me up Wednesday (the official kick off of this year's b-day week) by singing happy birthday to me before he left for work. He is truly the best! I had something special planned for each day, something to look forward to. I will not list all my goings-on here though. It was a pretty fun week. The best day was Friday, when my friend Randi took me to Ocala to eat and shop. She gave me the greatest gift, which I will use every year. Check out my boa and head piece. The hearts on the head thing say "birthday princess". The thing in my hand is an old persons decision maker. You spin it and it lands on things like, take a nap or dye your hair blue, or drive real slow.... Randi likes to tease me cause I am two years older than her.

It really is alot of fun every year, even though it sounds a little... well... self-indulgent. It would not be at all possible if my family was not willing to pamper me and make a big deal over me. So, I am blessed with a sweet family who lets it be "all about me" for a few days out of the year. (Also thank you to all my friends who called or texted me everyday to tell me Happy Birthday Week... Randi, KDarling, and Nilla... and of course, my mommy!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree

This year we got out our fake tree we have had for a very long time and we decided it had had it. It was pitiful.

So hubby decided to go get a real one this year. I was thinking I would buy another fake one at the end of the season when they are cheap. Look at the difference in the trees!

That sucker is HUGE! Takes up the whole corner. We love it!!!

My girls are so sweet! Shayla LOVES to color. That little table was Alysha's when she was a toddler, I think she may be too big for that chair now. lol!
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