Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doctor's visit

Went to the doctor for a my check up. This time I made the appointment five weeks out from the last one, just cause. No reason to show up there every 3 or 4 weeks for nothing. It is an hour's drive for a 15 minute visit. I do love my doctor though, so it is worth it. We had a really great experience at that hospital too.... Not really impressed with the ones in the county we live in.

The good news is I only gained one more pound this visit. That puts me at 9 lbs total for this pregnancy. I am doing really well, go me!! The heart beat was 140, perfectly normal. Jon went this time so he could hear the heartbeat and so we could register with the hospital. The active duty service member has to be there or they will not do it. Tricare is so picky. I was joking with the doctor that when I get to heaven they will not let me in unless Jon is there with his Military ID and I have a referral from my PCM. :)

On a funny note.. this morning Jon and I were getting ready to go and I was standing over the sink brushing my teeth and jon was behind me. My hubby makes this comment, "The way you carry babies is so funny, standing here looking at you I cannot even tell your pregnant." :) The way he said it, it was a compliment. He is impressed with how I carry. You really cannot tell I am preggo until I turn around and my big buddha belly is visible. I would like to think I am short and cute, not short and fat. :)

Another interesting note from the hubby is that it just hit him the other day that we are about to have our third kid and it is a boy this time. REALLY...... It just really "sunk in". Crazy man. I guess it is different when you are not the one carrying the load... so to speak. :) I thought that was rather humorous.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

kicking right along....

This baby is a kicker. The neat thing about this baby boy is how random he is. Shayla was so routine, even in the womb. She had her "happy time" in my tummy about the same time every night. She would be still for hours, and then do her "exercsises".

Not this one. He is active on and off all day long. There is no set time of movement. He just kinda flip flops around in there all day long. I like it.

I want this one to be different from the last. Shayla lives off of her routines. Shayla is afraid of alot of stuff. i.e. the merry go round. She wants to go on it soooo bad, then when we get on it, and it starts to move, and the little horsey goes up and down, she gets upset. Her whole little life she has done that. We went on the merry go round today and I thought since she was older she would be more fun. But she is the same little baby girl.. still afraid.

But my boy..... I am thinking he is gonna live a NO FEAR lifestyle... which will have its upside and downside. I am looking forward to the difference. Both my girls were cautious and shy and sweet. A boy will be a whole new world and I am looking forward to it. :) As long as I have Jon there with me, I can handle this little man. It is gonna be a great adventure!

Friday, September 3, 2010


We are up for sale again. This time it is a Short Sale. We are looking at getting orders in the next two or three months. We found out our house is worth less than half of what we paid for it four years ago, so the mortgage company said our only option was a Short sale. So here we are!!

I am excited about it. We had heard horrible things about short sales, but it is not as bad as it seems. There are so many people in the same situation as us, that the mortgage companies are taking what they can get to avoid foreclosure themselves. It cost the bank around $25,000 to foreclosure on people, so this saves them money in the long run.

The best news is that we do not have to pay capital gain taxes on it. They do give you a 1099C, but since it is a "C", it cancels the debt, whereas if it was a regular 1099, we would have to pay taxes. We had decided that paying the taxes would be cheaper than coming up with sixty thousand dollars in the difference in what we owe, so we were ready to do it. Luckily for us, this is going to work out better and not destroy our credit. No foreclosure, no bankruptcy, and keeping our credit . . . . answered prayer.

I will now have to keep the house clean, clean, clean, but I am excited to show it. The last time we had it up for a year and it never showed once. This time it should. :)

I am excited to just be moving forward in the future. Things are not standing still, it feels good to be doing some proactive moves, something we felt the Lord calling us to do. HE gave us the nudge, and we obeyed, now it is a wait and see game again. Seems to be how this whole year has gone.... God is good!