Saturday, August 15, 2009

USCG Day 2009

This year Jon and one of his other shipmates headed up Coast Guard Day. He did a good job. It was a lot of work and it all turned out really great. There were over 200 people there! This is a pic of Jon presenting a plaque to the previous and current OIC's.

This is a picture of Jon and his current OIC.

Jon giving his speech. He did great!!

My girls, sitting outside under the tent. It was so hot outside! Shay did really good.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Mommy. Shayla says that all the time now. I do love to hear her call me in the sweet little sing song voice.

Shayla loves sheets. When I wash sheets, she gets them out of the clean clothes basket and just lays down on them and sucks her thumb. It is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

She likes to hold it while she sucks her thumb. When she gets tired she will do this with just about anything... a dirty sock on the floor, any cloth she can hug while sucking her thumb. I have given her the pretty little "Lovey" blanket things and she wont hug them.... she prefers Jon's dirty boxers... figures right?

I Love this age. She sits in my lap, she is talking all the time (although unintelligible), she is so sweet. She gives kisses and loves all over ya!! Oh man, I love this sweet girl!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Walt Disney 2009

We just got back from a week at Disney. We hit Epcot, MGM, Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon. It was pretty awesome. Shay stayed with her meemaw and we took my niece CC with us. Those girls had the best time!!!

The high light of the trip for me was meeting Mickey Mouse!! When we finally got into the back room to meet him, I got a little starstruck. I mean, It is is MICKEY!! No joke, I got nervous. It was pretty cool, like meeting a movie star - (except it was some person in a costume.) Jon gave Minnie a kiss and the whole room made the wooooooo sound and mickey put his hand over his mouth, like my hubby was kissing on another woman. It was so funny. So she kicked her foot out in the picture, must've been a good kiss.

The teenagers - looking cool on the way to a park. Aren't they styling?