Monday, November 26, 2007


My hubby is the best, but he can be really clueless sometimes. About twelve weeks or so into the pregnancy Jon and I were at home and I went into the kitchen to get something and as I am walking away my wonderfully ignorant husband tells me I have "PREGNANCY BUTT". Thats right, I have not yet gained a pound, but according to my loving better half I am expanding in all the wrong places. He found it funny and AFTER I got upset told me that he was not SERIOUS. Yeah, right.... whatever.

So now, I am showing what I consider to be a cute little pouch, but I can still fit into most of my old clothes. I mean, I am doing good at 17 weeks, right? My honey looked at my tummy the other day and brilliantly proclaims, "well, you aren't skinny anymore." I could just kill him.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

feeling it at seventeen weeks

I am now well into my seventeen weeks. I can now feel the baby move!!! It is so cool. I completely remember this part from the first time around. This is the first time I can say it is just like last time. :) It is not big movements, so Jon cannot feel anything yet, though that has not stopped him from keeping his hand on my belly to try. I really like this part, feeling the baby move. I cannot wait for Jon to be able to feel it. He will love that. Even better, when you get really big, you can see your stomach contort. Jon should get a kick out of that. I don't remember enjoying myself, it does not feel so good to the mommy. The baby squishes all your insides to make room. That will come later though, not my biggest concern.

I was reading on the internet about the changes that are to come. I had stopped doing that because these sites tell you week by week all the the things you can expect. Most of the time it is not uplifting, so I stopped reading about all the possible negative side effects I could possibly experience that week. But, since it has been a while, or maybe I was just bored cause jon left, I started reading them again. Apparently I am really supposed to start showing alot in the next three weeks. I should develop a melon ball for a tummy, one site told me. I don't like the analogy there, but whatever. I will start appearing to be pregnant soon, maybe. I do not know if that makes me happy or not. On one hand, I wanna wear my maternity clothes, but, on the other I do not want to be uncomfortably miserable too soon. Either way, I really dont get a choice, do I?

I still am not exercising at all. One site said that women can now expect to experience a truckers appetite at this stage in the pregnancy. I would amen that little statement. I am not sitting around eating bon bons. I do eat alot of fruit and fiber, as much as I can anyway. I do not eat as healthy as I should though. I guess I am just hoping and crossing my fingers that I do not gain a lot of weight. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great thanksgiving. My mom was here and me, mom, and Alysha cooked the meal. It all turned out really great! Mom made a pecan pie that was to die for. We cooked a turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, cream corn and dressing. We tried a new dressing recipe that you cook it in the crock pot. That was the only thing that was not great. Everything else was awesome. We also bought a key lime pie, just in case the pecan pie did not turn out.

Here are some thanks giving day pictures. My mom brought down her new dog, Molly, for the week. He got along good with my kitty, thanks goodness.

It was a really great day. It was really special for us because we know this is our last year as the Sund family of three. Next year little baby Sund will be here and it will be different. It has been just the three of us for a long time. :) Jon lay on the couch most of the day, just trying to stay out of our way in the kitchen. I am wearing some of my small maternity clothes now, they fit just right.

That night we decided to let Alysha open up a present. I know it is soooo early, but I knew we would enjoy this gift together, and she begged and begged, so we did it. It is a bad idea to put the presents under the tree too early because it just makes Alysha want to open them so bad. I only lasted two days and she opened one already!! lol. It was a game that was on the top of her wish list. It is called catch phrase. If you have never played it, it is soooo fun. There is this little machine that gives you catch phrases and you have to get your team to guess them by giving clues. Now there is a time limit and which ever team has the machine thing in their hand when the time runs out does not get any points. It is so stressful, but so exciting!! Jon, Alysha, mom and I all sat around that night playing catch Phrase until midnight. We laughed so hard. Mom finally had to quit cause she was leaving the next day and had to get some sleep. My mother plays cut throat, she is a tough opponent. She plays to win, no matter what the cost. But, in the end, whoever was on Jon's team won, cause he is the best player ever. It really was a special day all around.

my baby girl

Alysha is so crazy, she squeezed into the baby's stroller. I cannot believe she fit into that thing. lol. She is taller than I am, I am surprised she did not break it! She fit in it perfectly. haha

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

working girl

I have started taking some interpreting work at a local high school. I am working all this week (minus Thursday and Friday). I only work four hours a day, but I really enjoy getting out of the house and using my signing skills. Today I came home and I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. I don't have to leave the house until 8:30 so I do not know why I was so exhausted. I did not have to get up THAT early. I think I have become used to not having to get up and get ready for work. Of course, I am pregnant and I take naps daily anyway. I am really enjoying it though. I am going to keep doing it on my husbands off days for as long as I am able to.

I am still not showing very much. I saw a friend of mine down here that is three weeks ahead of me and she has a nice baby bump. I am still in my regular clothes. My jeans and shirts all still fit, but I have to unbutton the jeans if i sit for a long time cause they start to hurt my belly. Not that I am complaining, I do not want to be huge and uncomfortable until I have to be. :) I know I will get plenty of that in the coming months.

I have started wearing my maternity shorts at home. They are just so much more comfortable than my regular shorts. I am wearing my maternity clothes I have that are size small. They fit perfectly right now, they do not even look like maternity. Most of my clothes my friends in Dothan gave to me and I have gotten some really cute stuff. I am really enjoying wearing some of my maternity stuff.

Happy turkey week!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Destin, Florida-our favorite place

Jon and I spent one night down in Destin while we were down visiting family in Dothan. It was so nice. We always used to do to Destin when we lived in Dothan. Jon is from there and considers it "home". It is our favorite place, we have some really great memories there. Destin has the most beautiful beaches! It was cold outside, but we sat on the beach for a long time and just enjoyed the view. It was so nice. Where we live in Florida does not have beautiful beaches, we have to drive two hours to St pete/Clearwater to hit some pretty water and beach. The water on this side of Florida is brackish and the only beach they have is man made. I wish we were stationed near some emerald green waters.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doctor, Doctor give me the news!

I went to my check up today. They took my blood and checked my sample and all is well in me! We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was so awesome. It was really strong. They said it was one hundred and fifty, which is apparently a good one. :) Jon thought it was really neat. Thanks to Nicole, I have one of those machines that lets you hear the heart beat at home, so we will be using that too. They certainly did not have those the first time around.

They set up the appointment for my next ultrasound!!!!!! I am so excited. We go on December 18 to have the ultrasound that will tell us the sex of the baby. Jon said today that if it is a boy he might cry. I want it to be a boy for my sweet hubby. Of course he will be fine with a girl too, he just says he will be outnumbered. lol.

Even better news, I only gained one pound! WOW! I ate alot this week while we were on vacation. I was pleasantly surprise to have not gained ten pounds. The lady who took my blood said I don't even look preggo. That will not last for long though. I have started wearing my size small maternity clothes. My jeans still fit, they are just tight in the midsection and after a while they start to hurt my tummy. The maternity shirts and pants I have that are smalls and fit perfect right now. I am not big enough to show, but I have a baby bump. (Note: I gained a total of three pounds, but I had lost two while I was sick, so for my pregnancy I have gained only one pound in four months!!!) I hope to keep my weight under control, I just don't wanna put on 80 pounds, that will be so much more I have to lose.

They also gave me a flu shot. I have never had one of those before, so i was skeptical. The doctor highly recommended it, so i decided to do it. I don't like shots. They also had some blood work done that tells if I the baby has a high risk for diseases like spinabifida and Downs Syndrome. It was optional, but we decided to do it. They said it does not determine whether your baby has one of these birth defects, only if you are a higher risk for them. He said some people choose to abort if they find out that they have a baby with downs. Of course, we would never abort, no matter what we found out. I was skeptical at first, I was unsure if i wanted to know. Knowing ahead of time would just make me worry, but Jon said there would be benefits to the test, so we decided to do it. Hopefully nothing will come of it. It is all in God's hands.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Harrison Cole Chenowith

Alysha and I got to hold Harrison this week while we were in Dothan. He is getting to be such a big boy. He has really filled out since the last time we saw him. They change so much in the first few months. He is so sweet! Made me want to hold my own. Nicole you have the sweetest little man! (i think Alysha is going to be a great older sister/helper!)

last weekend

Me and Hila at the Summit in Birmingham. I spent the weekend with Hila. It was great. I just got home today! It feels good to be home. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow. I hope to get to hear the heartbeat. More to come later........

Thursday, November 1, 2007

not so FIRM anymore

Getting pregnant really has cramped my style. I loved to exercise before I got pregnant. I used to work out alot and hard. There is this one workout video I had been doing about twice a week. Its called THE FIRM:TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. I liked it because it really does work your total body. When I started doing it months ago, I was using the lowest poundage and not getting through the whole hour workout. By the time I got pregnant, I was using the highest weights and doing the complete one hour video in full force. I loved it because it would make me sore in new muscle groups that I did not hit in my regular workout routine. So, basically, I really enjoyed working out to this video.
I have not used this video since I became pregnant, mostly cause I was so sick for so long. This week I decided I would do half of the video as my workout for the day. Now, I know I get tired alot easier now and I do not have the stamina I used to, but I really thought I could still hang with The Firm. Well, I geared up and put on my workout shoes and started my video and I am feeling pretty good. About two minutes into the video, I am hassling like a puppy (cause that sounds better than a dog). Man, this is a rigorous workout and I am thinking I just wanna sit down. haha. I keep up the good fight, trying to keep up and I am even using the lowest weights I have along with it. She begins doing leg exercises, lunges and squats and I am pretty sure I am not going to make it. At this point, Alysha is laughing at me. I must have been a sight, breathing heavy and barely executing the exercises. I finally turn the video off and I tell Alysha I was only gonna do fifteen minutes anyway. She informs me it has not even been that long, but I beg to differ. My body feels like I have been running a two day marathon. It is still questionable how long I actually did last, but I stand firm by my estimation of fifteen minutes, give or take. :)
I remember when my mom was here and we would go walking around the circle at night. I would get winded fast and not be able to walk as briskly as I used to. In fact my mom said she did not even break a sweat, while I am over there trucking it just to keep up the pace. (sweating and breathing heavy). I have one thing to say to you mom.... hard aye?

happy pregnant halloween

Halloween was great fun. Alysha and I always go to this church near the house for their fall festival. It is a HUGE festival and we always have such a blast. So, this year we went again and walked around all night and played games. Our goal was to win the pregnant princess as much chocolate candy as possible. I would evaluate the candy bowls at all the games and we would hit the ones that had the good chocolate over and over. haha. I told Alysha she had to be aggressive and get the chocolate pieces, don't be scared to pick through and get the "good stuff". I took this seriously, Alysha thought I was crazy. What a great way to get a bunch of bite size chocolate to tame my cravings, for free! Needless to say we had a great time together. My hubby was supposed to be there, but he got recalled. :(

I woke up this morning and my feet are aching. I tried to put all my weight on my feet to walk and I was in terrible pain! Apparently all my chocolate gathering fun reeked havoc on my feet, which were swollen and aching. They hurt so bad. I have read in the pregnancy books that being on your feet is not good for you, but I did not notice anything last night. I had on my good tennis shoes. Who knew?