Monday, May 31, 2010

Taking it one saltine at at time......

I count it a good day when I have managed to make it through the day without running to the bathroom to hurl.


The five weeks before I found out I was preggo, I had started a rigorous workout routine. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, usually right after I woke up the teenager. When I put Shayla down I would go outside and WORK in my yard. It needed some serious work. I have three beds that were neglected, and the whole yard cause my hubby is still hurt. I also worked out with weights during this time every other day. In the afternoons I would get 30-40 minutes in on the treadmill. I was determined to lose five pounds and get in better shape. So, I stayed as busy as possible.


Now, I just try to make it from the bed to the couch. Then I sit long enough to let it all settle (while eating saltines) and I go make shayla's breakfast.Then I sit again. Shayla is up and waiting for me, I can hear her the whole time talking and hollering and simply waiting. After I have eaten more crackers and feel like I can move again, I go get the monkey up and thus begins my day. It takes me about thirty minutes to make it through this routine every morning. How different from a few weeks ago. Isn't life funny?

The rest of the day I simply endure, until bed time. I do what I have to do to take of Shayla and keep myself from feeling so bad. I do walk on the treadmill everyday, it makes me feel better for about 30 minutes afterward. It did with my last pregnancy. Of course, I cannot go over the speed "3". No running for me. I move very slow.

I eat my saltine and my toastachee peanut butter crackers all the live long day. It is not going by too slowly now, like it was before. Like the little engine that could, I must remember, "I think I can, I think I can........."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Good News......

I may not be overly excited about having a baby at this time, but I have managed to find the positives in my current situation. My first thoughts were very negative about having another one so close to my last, but it turns out to be working in my favor in many ways.

1. I have all the Big Ticket items I will need. The crib, changing table, high chair, baby swing, car seat/stroller combo, bassinet. I am set as far as the expensive stuff goes and that is a HUGE plus in my book, since all this stuff was very expensive. I am proud that I let Jon choose the decor as classic Pooh in light green color, cause no matter what I have, it will all work. If I had used pink..... I would not be so lucky if it were to be a boy.

2. We will get a permanent fix IMMEDIATELY upon having this one, so I KNOW I am done. That is exciting to me. I can give away all the baby stuff as soon as I am through because I know, without a slightest hesitation, that I will not be having another one. :) That is an exciting thing. (I will be 32 when I am finished having babies.)

3. I kept some of my maternity clothes, just in case. So, I do have a good start on my maternity wardrobe, which makes me happy. I could not find any of the pants I had, which were nice ones, and that sucks, but I have lots of shorts. If we stay in Florida, that will work out great.

4. They will be almost 3 years apart and they will be able to play with each other. I think that is a good age separation. I have noticed how Shayla LOVES kids who are 5 or 6. She does not like to play with kids her own age, she feels threatened, but older kids she just follows them around and copies them. Maybe these two will play together. Alysha was, in essence, an only child, so she never had anyone to play with. This will be kinda cool. Two other friends of mine, who had babies within months of Shay, are trying - on purpose. So, this really is a good time to have another. :)

See, I can be positive. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am what???

Two weeks ago......

Sunday, Mothers Day.... and I am deathly sick. I cannot get out of bed and I sleep all day.

Monday, day after Mothers Day.... Still sick, not getting out of bed if the house burns down. I am sure I have a horrible virus.... except that I am not throwing up and my tummy is not upset...weird. I slept all day and all night.

Tuesday and Wednesday I am feeling better but I am nauseous still and I just feel bad all over. What a weird lingering bug. Wednesday morning, I am sitting up in bed eating crackers before I even step onto the carpet. I make a joke to hubby that it feels like I am preggo.......

I break down Wednesday afternoon and call the doc for an appointment. I am so upset to still be so sick. I tell my hubby it does not feel like any virus I have had before, it feels weird. I am really afraid something is really wrong, really wrong. My stomach feels bloated and tight all the time. I am getting no relief. I made the mistake of starting this new book my hubby wanted me to read called, "the Makers Diet". It talks about all the diseases you can get from eating the wrong kinds of foods. It is all about eating biblically, which is cool, but it scared the crap out of me. I was convinced I had some kinda bacterial infection in my stomach.

Thursday Morning - still not much better. I remember something... I have had extreme breast tenderness. They seriously hurt. I tell my husband how ODD this is, along with all my other symptoms, I have all the symptoms of pregnancy. We laugh and joke about this, it is pretty funny. We KNOW I am not because I have an IUD. But, it is a weird coincidence.

Thursday Lunch time - Alysha, Randi, and I all head out to quiznos for lunch. (hubby was keeping the baby for me to have the afternoon off to go to the doc and have some girl fun). I am able to eat a little bit and I joke with my friend Randi about being pregnant. She thinks it is funny, til I tell her how my tata's have been so sore.... she seems concerned, but she continues to joke with me about it. We go to wal mart and I let my 14 yr old pierce the cartilage in her ear, she has always wanted to.

Thursday afternoon - Doctors appointment. I arrive on time to my appointment. They take me back and tell the nurse all my symptoms. I remark that I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, but that cannot be because I have an IUD. She tells me her horror story about how her IUD ripped out and how she had to go to the emergency room....why do people do this..... but she recommends I pee in a cup so we can rule out pregnancy.

I leave my sample and go sit back in the room. It takes the doctor thirty minutes to come back in. He walks in the room and says... well I have news, I don't know if it is good or bad, but your test came back positive for pregnancy!!!!

Shock. I just sit there and say "WHAT?" over and over and over. He was so nice and sympathetic. I just kept saying "this just can't be". He tells me some stories of patients who got pregnant with and IUD and everything was just fine. That is a good health care professional. He was concerned though, because IUD's cause ectopic pregnancies and that is very dangerous for me. I get an emergency referral to my OBGYN, I need an ultrasound immediately.

Alysha is waiting for me in the waiting room. We walk out of the building and I tell her I am pregnant and she is as shocked as I was. She just cannot believe it. As I am driving home, Jon calls. I lie and say it was a sinus infection. I wanna see his face when I drop this bomb.

Thursday night - 5:00. I get home and talk to Jon for a few minutes. Alysha and I look at each other and then I tell him the truth. We are having a baby! He was neither happy nor sad. He just looked like he was not sure what to think.

Friday morning - Doctor's appointment in G-ville. It is an hour drive to my doctor. We are kinda somber, hoping everything is fine. I am still hoping there was some mistake and I am not actually pregnant; although my symptoms say otherwise. I love my OBGYN. He comes into the ultrasound room (which is a 4-D machine. I love that thing), and he says I am definitely pregnant, now we need to see about this IUD. He begins the ultrasound telling me how if you get pregnant with an IUD, it can cause birth defects and other bad things. He shows me the baby, which is located in my uterus and says all looks great. the good news is that the IUD simply is NOT THERE ANYMORE!! It just fell out at some point.... JUST FELL OUT. You've got to be kidding me! He says that he sees this kind of thing in about two percent of cases, where it falls out. BUT, 99% of the time, the women come in because they KNOW it has come out, not because they are pregnant. sigh.........

Again I say, "You've got to be kidding me."

I am due January 2nd. I will be renaming my blog, in honor of my condition. I am currently deathly ill from the time I get up, till I go back to bed at night. This is normal and lasts till the thirteenth week. I am seven weeks along, so six more to go, maybe, hopefully.........

How is that for a Mothers Day gift??

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Seems like I never write much anymore, just putting up pictures. So here is an update of our lives:

Jon moved rank this month. He was very proud. MK2 Sund. Great job Jon!! Our pay also goes up, which will be nice.

Our kitty, Lucky Sunshine Sund, ran away. He has been a member of this family for over four years. He has only gotten out of the house twice and the second time he breaks free, he gets lost. We looked everywhere and put up posters. I even went to the pound, but no luck. He is gone.

Last week was alysha's final week of school! She just graduated ninth grade. I learned how to figure a GPA and made her a transcript. All very cool! She will continue to do spanish through the summer, simply because I do not want her to forget all she has learned. We used Rosetta Stone and I have really liked it.

My uncle died this weekend. He will be greatly missed. I wish I could travel up there for the funeral, but it is not possible with all going on in our lives.

We had no luck selling the house. Something we are praying about. My husband and I do not see eye to eye. I am leaning towards a short sell, he is not on board. But, the bottom line is that we will never sell for anything near what we have in it. I always thought people who foreclosed or did short sells, were people who went out and bought a house they cannot afford. We can afford this house, we can make the payments. The problem is that we are military and we will be forced to move in the next year and we cannot make this payment and a house payment in another place too. We cannot rent it out for what we need to make it either. It is quite a rough place to be - stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We still have no word on if we will get orders or not. We might move in August, we might move next year. There is a few million different ways this could pan out. We are just waiting and praying.

We are trusting in the Lord for all our decisions.
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, Lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make thy paths straight."

Life is hard, but God is good.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shayla second birthday!

I am way behind in posting this! Shayla turned two on April 30th and we had a special day! She is such a big girl. She ate her cake by herself this year.

She got some princess shoes and some Tiarra's to play with. She likes to wear fake jewelry and play dress up!
We had her first tea party. It was so awesome. She LOVED pouring the tea (a.k.a water) into the little tea cups and using her tea set. She is such a sweet little girl!

I even covered the chairs in purple. The whole day was very fun! She is growing up so fast. She says new words everyday! I am amazed by how fast they change and grow. I am loving these girls!