Sunday, June 27, 2010

God Gave Me You

One goal of this blog is to remember the important stuff. I have been wanting to post this for a long time. . . .

On Mothers Day this year, Jon was at work the whole weekend. He gave me a present when he got home Monday, it was a gift certificate for a pedicure. (which I loved!)

BUT, on Mothers Day, he sends me this email. It was awesome and heartfelt, telling me how wonderful a mother and wife I am and how blessed he is to have me. In the email he sends me a link to this song. He said it describes how he feels about me and how he feels about his family. I had never heard it before, but it was beautiful. The words are pretty powerful...and could apply to anyone in your life.


This is my favorite part of the song.... These words really touched me, they describe how I feel about my marriage perfectly.

on my own
i am only half of what I could be
I cannot do without you
we are stitched together
and what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

Here is the link:

So, this was my sappy post, which I don't normally do. This mothers day was really special. This Mothers day was the one where I woke up deathly ill and spent all the next week thinking I was dying of some bacterial infection. Turned out to be a baby instead. :) I was actually too sick to look at the email til late that night, I never got out of bed all that day. This will be a great memory to smile about later. :) I love that man.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

doctors visit today

Today I went to G-ville for my doctors appointment. It was the first time in two pregnancies I have gone alone. Jon was off, but It was an exam, so he could not go back anyway. Since Shayla had been in the car alot lately, I told him to stay home with the girls. He never missed one of my appointments with Shayla.

It turned out to be awesome!! She did another ultrasound - JUST FOR FUN! I happened to be in a room that has a machine (many of their rooms do), so she said we would take a look. My first ultrasound was at five weeks. It did not look like a baby, it was tiny. This time, I could make it out. It's little legs and arms - so cute! I watched it's little heart beat and watched it move around. The baby had its legs crossed! It really made it more real for me and it actually made me excited about the baby for the first time. I mean, like I cannot wait to meet him/her excited. That is something I have not felt as of yet, although I knew it would come.... eventually.

I have gained back all the weight I had lost from being so sick, but I have not gained any weight yet... so that is good. Now it begins. Hopefully It will go like my other two and I will not gain much. I only gained 20 to 25 with the other two. we shall see........

It was a great visit and a good day!! I am feeling pretty good this week. Still sick sometimes, but feeling good more often than not. Whew!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

TWELVE WEEKS - Pregnancy Update

I would like to say that it has been flying by........ but it has not. The good news is that I am not AS sick as I was before. I am still sick, it just seems to be getting more bearable. My moods are not getting more bearable. I seem to be more irritable. I think Jon and Lysh are ready to kill me. In my defense, they are really annoying people..... lol.

In two weeks I will be in my second trimester. According to my old blog posts, it is right about this week that the sickness goes away completely. I have my fingers crossed. (I was disappointed to learn 2nd trimester does not start til week 14, I was thinking thirteen.)

I am getting thick in the middle. All my shorts fit, but they are tight in the waist. I have noticed a pooch for a while now, and I know it is too soon to be a baby pooch. I was reading one of those pregnancy books in B&N the other day and it said that if you have recently had a baby, and get pregnant again, that your stomach muscles are all stretched out and you will see a pooch sooner. Basically, it is a pooch of fat. Nice......

I am unable to multi task. This was normal for my last one also. What is it about being pregnant that suddenly makes you unable to handle more than one thing at a time.... seriously?

I have been sucking down sweet tea like a mad woman. I cannot seem to get enough! Sugar is soooo good!! I think I am trying to make up for all these years of doing without it. :) Whatever it is, I am in sweet tea heaven!

I go to the doctor this week for a physical exam. :( Joy. Gone are the once a years. Now they have free reign to put you in the stirrups - at will. Let's don't and say we did.

On a positive note, I found lots of maternity clothes at goodwills and thrift stores in GA while I was visiting my favorite Aunt Sara. I got some cute little maternity dresses. This pregnancy I wanna look like those cute preggo girls that wear those cute dresses. I do not care how fat my arms are, I am gonna wear dresses!! I got 4! I also got some very nice jean shorts and tops. For 50$ I got a wardrobe for the next nine months. (Well, assuming I do not get HUGE.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going with the flow

My last pregnancy was very exciting. I read the books constantly, learning what was happening to my body and what baby was developing that week. It was all very exciting.

The good thing about all that is I kept a very detailed blog about my pregnancy experience. I have really used that this time, looking back to see what to expect. This pregnancy seems to be following the same pattern, and for that I am grateful. I really did blog everything about being pregnant last time, and I have enjoyed reading it. The last pregnancy pretty much devoured my whole life - it was all about being preggo.

This time, ehh, not so much. I want this pregnancy to flow with the rest of my life, not consume me. Plus, it is not "new" and "exciting". It is old hat. So, I will enjoy my time with the baby while he/she is in my tummy, cause this will be my last time experiencing this miracle.
(Now, remind me of that in my last month....)