Friday, February 19, 2010

How sweet they are................

What is it with teenager girls and their cameras? Lysh loves to take pics of herself with different poses, different hairstyles, or different ways she does her make-up. This is normal behavior, but it still is so hilarious to me. Somehow, when you get older, you no longer like to see yourself in pictures.....

Isn't she pretty?
This is my big girl feeding herself eggs at her big girl table. This was Lysh's table when she was a toddler... sniff, sniff.
My girls are so sweet. i love to see Shay in just her diapers. That little body is so sweet. I am loving the toddler years. She is like a little sponge, constantly learning and growing. She just went up a clothes size, cause she got taller. ( umm... sniff, sniff.... again.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Life is one big roller coaster ride. These past few months have been a series of twists and turns and steep drop offs. I am happy to say that our lives seem to have plateaued out a bit. Here is the latest news in the Sund home...............

Jon was sworn in for three more years in the Coast Guard. It was a gut wrenching decision, we almost got out for good, but the Lord had other plans. We prayed fervently that we would know the right path to take in our lives and HE answered. The decision was actually taken away from us, we HAD to re-up. The reason why we had to sign back up takes me to my next update....

Jon is having revision shoulder surgery. He had surgery last May, but has not gotten any better. In fact, he is in much worse than before. He has been in more pain and finally he went to a different doctor that ran a different test that showed a rotator cuff tear. The worst part is that the first doctor supposedly fixed that, hence the revision, so we are starting from scratch and doing it all over again. yuck! We will be going to Gainesville to have a second surgery on March 3rd. Keep us in your prayers.

Through this up-and-down experience I have felt the Lord teaching and molding me. I have learned some new truths in my life and in my walk with the Lord. The most important thing He was teaching me was perseverance. As I read my Bible and prayed during this time of trial, He kept leading me to these scripture that spoke to my heart and helped to teach me what He wanted me to learn. These times of refining are always so painful, yet when you come through to the other end, you have grown so much. I am always humbled that my Savior loves me so much to continue to use me and touch my life that way. It is just too bad it has to hurt so much to grow..........

Our future is still completely up in the air. As it stands right now one of two things could happen. He could have the surgery, get better, and transfer out in July of this year.
(This is our fourth and last year at this station, so we were set to transfer out.)
He could not get completely better and the military could put him on a medical hold and then Med Board him right out of the coast guard, which would take six months to a year to accomplish.

We have no idea what is coming up next, but we are trusting God to lead the way. Me especially with my newly found skill of perseverance. I am not stressed out or worrying anymore. I know the Lord is working in all this. I have seen Him answer so many prayers in the last two or three months. God is so good.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alysha's 14th birthday

On Tuesday, February 2nd, my baby girl turned 14. I am still in denial that she could possibly be this old. Where does all the time go? I love this girl! She will kill me for this picture below, but I took it RIGHT AFTER she rolled her lazy butt out of bed on her birthday!

We were in Dothan visiting my family, so we decided to go to Panama City for the day to shop and celebrate. My mommy kept the toddler, so it was ALL about Alysha!

Alysha likes to take pictures of herself. The above pic is of her in the back seat on the way home. She is wearing her new shirt she got from Maurices. She had so much fun in there. She had a personal shopper helping her out. The lady waited on her hand and foot She was quite the princess.
We love this chocolate place! We always get something sweet and good! This time she got blueberry ice cream and it was Delicious!!! (It is called Kilwins)
So we had daddy, who is in the back seat, take a picture right before we pulled out. The birthday girl got to sit up front. Poor daddy in the back....

This picture is all of us at Hunt's restaurant in PC. Alysha wanted crab legs, and this place is very good. I had it one other time and loved it. It is an oyster bar, so daddy had some nasty oysters and Alysha and I split a plate of crab legs. They are alot of work, but So good!!!
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