Monday, March 30, 2009

11 months old

We had baby dedication at church and this is the morning before we left.

Today Shayla is one month away from turning ONE! Wow! Sometimes it seems like it is just flying by! She is doing so much that it is hard to keep up! She is eating real food. She likes to chew, no more pureed stuff. I can pretty much feed her whatever I cook. She takes less formula, which is good.

She can communicate really well. She says momma and daddy. She is making other words too, which is so cool. It is awesome to watch her learn. She copies what you do, you can teach her stuff! Babies go through so much change in the first year, it just amazes me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

strawberry festival

This year we went to the Strawberry festival in Floral City. We were not impressed. It was fair food and vendors. It was seriously CRAMMED with people. There are not rides at this one, so it was boring for the teenager. But, daddy was there, representing the USCG and that is why we went.
It was hot. The baby actually sweat out there. She did good though, she did not cry.

Here is daddy in his element. He is talking. That boy loves to talk. He was there to just answer questions about the coast guard and he loved it. The Number ONE question he got - Does the boat right itself? He said if he had to answer that one again he would scream. (In case your curious, the answer is NO. There are USCG boats that do, but not at his station.)
My pretty girls. We are sitting on the ground in what little bit of ground there is not covered with people. Yikes that place was packed.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Alysha and I went out for a girls night. (Jon kept ShayShay.) We went to Ocala and had a blast, just the two of us. We found this dress for shay on the clearance rack, it is gorgeous! (Notice the matching hair thing I just had to buy, it was also on sale..... Now she just needs some black shoes....)

We did some shopping and then had dinner at Sam's. Yeah- Sam's the warehouse. They have the BEST pizza and it is super cheap. (two HUGE slices and a BIG coke is $4.65) We had a blast.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Day trip - Cedar Key

We have decided, since we are looking at just one year left here, we need to see the sites. So, we took a day trip last weekend and went to Cedar Key. It is about an hour from where we are. Not much there, just a little touristy place, but it was fun. It was really quaint, all the buildings were neat to look at. Jon actually goes here all the time, the CG launches their boats there alot.

Hila, this is a pic of the library, just for you. :)

Jon wants to go to Kennedy Space center before we leave. I have heard that there is a neat little Greek district down in Tarpon Springs that is cool also. We definitely wanna see the area before we leave it. :)

10 months old

I am just amazed that my little baby girl will be one year old in two months. TWO MONTHS!!!! How is that possible? She is such a big girl, yet still my baby. I just love this pic!!
She is such a sweet little happy girl. My favorite part of our days together is when she wakes up from sleep - first thing in the morning and her naps. She always wakes up cooing. I open the door to her room and sing her name. She jumps up and stands up in her crib and smiles at me! I Love it. What a sweet happy girl.

Of course, we are still in our routine. She naps at 10, 2, and 5. Just like Alysha did, she lays down wide awake. I just go lay her in her crib and she goes off to sleep on her own. My mother is amazed that both my babies were that way. I am amazed and convinced that baby number three, were I to ever have one, would not be so peaceful. I don't guess I will find out, since I plan on this being my last baby.

This is my two sun bunnies. :)