Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And away we go..............

On December 2nd we walked away from the only source of income we had. Jon and I knew without a doubt that the Lord was leading us this way, although we had not idea how we would pay the bills. It has now been almost four months and we are doing very well. God provided for us financially, we never even touched our savings account. I cannot believe what a blessing this time has been.

Two weeks ago Jon went for an interview with a company out of Chattanooga. It was very competitive, forty men competing for the job, and they picked Jon! We are very excited. We knew we wanted to be in the North Alabama - Tennessee area. Jon is actually drilling in Nashville, since he is still in the reserves. So, this job is perfect.

The military will move our stuff back to our home of record (alabama) and we are going to move it the rest of the way. They come pack us up on April 5th. Our stuff arrives in Alabama on April 11th, where will meet it and head up to TN that weekend. We leave next week to house hunt in TN.

In less than three weeks we will no longer be Floridians. We are sad, excited, and nervous all at the same time.

God is so good. The job is an excellent paying position with amazing benefits. They even have tuition assistance. It is ALOT like the military, but it is civilian and he will be coming home almost every night. We can move around, but only as much as we want to, we will not have to. It has everything we prayed for and more and we are very excited to see what God is going to do next.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

two month ck up

I took Callen for his two month ck up this week. He is now 11lbs 10 ozs. He is 23 inches long.
He got his shots today and he did good.

He is a sick boy. He has an upset tummy and he is throwing up. I have never seen a little bitty baby throw up before and it is awful! Weird cause noone else in the family is sick. Cal is never around anyone but us, and we are all fine. Poor little man. He is actually fussy. He has been the quietest little baby ever, up until the last two days.

The good news is his baby acne cleared up, but he has severe cradle cap. I even resorted to putting olive oil on his head, which is yucky. He looks like his head is wet all the time. The doctor told me to put Vaseline on his head. I had tried that already, but I guess I will do it again.

I looked back at Shayla's stats and at two months old she was 13 lbs and 25 inches. She was a big big girl!! They do look alot alike though. Just the same little face. So sweet.

One big difference with this baby is I have LOVED the first two months. I blogged about how I did NOT enjoy shay her first two months of life. A big part was the fact that I had the baby blues. This time Jon and I have tagged team this little man and he has been super easy and fun to be around. I was able to enjoy him from the very beginning. I do give much of that credit to my husband being here to help out. It really has been an answered prayer.