Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lions, foxes, and birds.......ooh my

We have birds that live in our garage. They have a nest in there so we try to leave the garage door open as much as possible. (remember, I live in a bird sanctuary). Yesterday, Alysha and I came home from running errands and as I came into the house a bird flew in!!! Right over my head!! I was not scared, but freaking out a little. I mean, what do you do now? Alysha, on the other hand, was scared, so she is panicking.

Thank goodness my hubby was home. He starts shouting out instructions to me from the couch, where he was sitting holding Shaylily. How did he immediately know what to do? I mean, there is no handbook in the parenting manual that says, "what to do when a bird flies into your home." (For that matter, there is no parenting manual. ) He tells me to close all the bedroom and bathroom doors. He then proceeds to open the doors and tries to 'shooo' the bird out the doors.

In the meantime, Lucky Sunshine, my little lion/kitty has decided he wants a piece of the action. For some stupid reason, that bird starts flying real low and Lucky gets his lucky paws on it. Don't worry, Jon got to Lucky before he could really hurt him. Lucky did have that bird cornered on the floor, under a desk. Lucky had himself and real, live playpretty! Needless to say, we had to lock Lucky up in one of the bedrooms, for the birds sake.

Jon managed to get the little birdy out the florida room door and outside after a few minutes of flying around. We were afraid it was gonna hurt itself in the house, banging against stuff. At one point it flew into my fake tree I keep in the corner. haha, too funny. (just a side note: Alysha hid in the bathroom until all the fun was over.)

Yesterday afternoon I saw a Fox walking around in my back yard. How cool!! It was such a beautiful animal up close. He just walked from the backyard to the front yard and then headed off into the trees. (I have woods on each side of me.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I found my feet!!

This baby lays around and plays with her feet all the time now. She can now officially put her big toe in her mouth. She likes to put her little feeties in her mouth. :) So cute. (And an addition to the list in my previous blog about things you can do as a baby, but not so much as an adult - lol)

How sweet is that face?

She is laying in her crib. She likes to play in there during the day. That gives me even more time to do housework! She is so easy to take care of. I think it will be cool when she can sit up on her own without falling over.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

random pics

Smores dessert. We made this while meemaw was visiting last week. :)
YUMM-O * Recipe in the comments.

Alysha's new border in her room. It is textured. It looks great! We have been looking since before Shay was born. We painted the bottom of the wall a pretty green color. The top half was already wallpapered a cream color before we moved there, so cream it stays. :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I found these two lists in my handy-dandy notebooks. This is too funny. The first one I wrote while at the end of my pregnancy (the last three weeks):

Pregnancy woes

1. Spend more time on the throne than on the couch
(seriously, we went through toilet paper like crazy!)

2. walking freak show in public
(Everyone just stares at you everywhere you go, although they do not mean anything negative by it. People like to look at pregnant women. It still makes you feel like your a walking display.)

3. breathing is no longer easy
(I was panting at the very end, breathing hard the whole time)

4. changing positions in bed is a major ordeal
(rolling from one side to the other, or even from side to back was so much work)

5. walking around is an impression of a slow turtle or fat whale
(these are the nice nicknames my oldest gave me there at the end. We still laugh about how LONG it took for me to walk from the car to the front door. haha)

This list was so funny to read now. I loved being pregnant until the very last few weeks and I was just so uncomfortable! I will say number one applied to the whole pregnancy though. :)

My other list I made shortly after Shaylily was born.

Great things about being a baby

1. Going up sizes in clothes is a great and exciting thing.
(Not so much when you an adult.)

2. slobbering is cute
(swallowing is not a priority)

3. When you have a bad day, everybody does
(which I think can still happen as adults, its easy to make everybody miserable when you are)

4. Whole world revolves around you
(when your a baby, that is how it should be, when your older.....)

5. Fat rolls are CUTE!
(As an adult it is called a spare tire - not so attractive)

6. Your smile is contagious!
(when a baby smiles and laughs, you just cannot help but smile too)

7. You always look good naked
(This also does not apply to adulthood. tee hee)

These I found today and thought it was funny. I have two matching notebooks and a pen that matches them. I keep lists of things, some more important than others. I some other lists I might share later. Do you have any additions to these list?

Monday, October 20, 2008


Shay's newest nickname is my title. I have called her "the sweetness" for so long. This little nicknamed just kinda happened and stuck. It is so pretty.

She is coming up on six months old. She hits these growth spurts it seems over night. She is now officially in size three diapers. She has pretty much outgrown size 6-9 month size clothes. She now wears size nine months or 12 months. I read in a book that at six months they are supposed to have doubled their birth weight. She has done that. Her birth weight was 8 lbs, and she is now about 17 lbs. Right on schedule. She is so pretty. She really seemed to wake up one morning and have grown, length wise. Her 6-9 month size clothes just did not snap at the bottom anymore.

I LOVE this age. She is so much fun. She is the smiley-est little girl. Sissy is the only one who can make her laugh out loud. Lysh with do some silly thing over and over and Shay will just laugh and laugh. She already just worships her older sissy. Her laugh is awesome.

Unfortunately, she is teething. This means irritability and waking up at night. She still goes to bed at 8:00, but she wakes up crying. Her mouth hurts alot. I still cannot feel anything in there, but she puts her fingers and her pacy on the right every time and just gnaws on them. Poor girl - and poor mommy. I do not like getting up in the night. I have started using teething tablets. They dissolve in water and she just drinks it out of a bottle. This seems to ease the pain and there is no numbing action. You cannot use numbing cream if you don't have a certain place to put it. I read that if you just rub it on her gums, it could go to her throat and numb it and she could not feel to swallow. ummm... scary. They did not having teething tablets with my first one, but I like them. They seem to work and are not harmful.

I am so blessed we have not had any sickness and only have to go to the doctor for check ups. That baby is so healthy. (other than some minor tummy aches - nothing that a little Mylicon doesn't fix) We go for her six month check up the first week of November. I am excited to see just how big she has gotten.
This is Shay in a BUMBO. It is the latest and greatest. I hated it. Took it back. It has a picture of your baby in the beach on the side. The problem with it is that you cannot put it on elevated surfaces. It has to be on the floor. She could very, very easily fall out of it. I did not see much purpose for that stupid thing. Shay needs exercise, so when it is floor time, I like to lay her down so she can kick and work out. It has a tray you can buy to go over the front, I guess so you can feed them in it? But, it is not SAFE for table tops or anything, so how would you do that? Yeah, it was a waste AND it cost $40.00. How many times do you really think your gonna take that baby to the beach??? If you go outside, just lay down a blanket or take the pack n play out there. It seemed pretty useless to me, just another baby contraption around the house. Shay did not like being confined in it, she just start kicking her legs, trying to move. It makes them stay immobile. IDK, I am sure other moms love it. It was like a lay -z- boy for babies. LOL!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another first - for mommy

I checked off my list another first. I rode a horse for the first time. There is a homeschooling family that gives lessons here in my county and Alysha and I decided to sign up for a ride. I just wanted to see how I would like it --- I didn't. Horseback riding is not for me, but I am glad to say I have done it and put a little 'check' on my "I've always wanted to do that list!"

Alysha is quite the PRO rider, but she has done it before. My experience was quite different from hers. I was nervous. When I get nervous I tend to "chatter" mindlessly. Getting on the horse was quite the "ungraceful" sight. The whole time I was on the horse, the owner was walking us around with a lead line. I am sitting there hanging onto the horn for dear life. (still just chattering about just how scared I am). We went around three times and I never did relax. End result, I DON'T LIKE HORSES!

Alysha on the other hand had a great time. She impressed the horse owner from the very beginning. She swung her leg over that horse like she has done it all her life. The lady commented that she could tell she had riding experience. Alysha got to hold the reins and control the horse. (UM, I never even saw the reigns, I only saw the horn.) Alysha used the reigns to turn the horse around and stuff. I just walked in a cirlce three times and "ungracefully" fell off that horse. In case you did not know, horses are big, big animals. I did not like being that high up and it was hard to get on and off - for me anyway. Apparently, I have a big ole head cause I had to use her husbands helmet, hers did not fit. That stupid helmet kept flopping to the sides. I was scared to let go of the horn and fix it - lol. What a goober I am!! (that must be where Shay gets her big head from........)

My beautiful girl!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love to go to garage sales and find good stuff cheap. Today was the most fun EVER!! I found lots of stuff for my girls and for myself. What a way to make your dollar stretch. I put the best deals I found on here. I am totally psyched.
These toys are all leapfrog, which is a really expensive brand. The one above is a discovery ball. It is a learning toy. Brand new they sell for 44.95. I got it for a dollar and it looks like it just came out of the box.

Above is a leapfrog ABC karaoke, also a learning toy. Sells for 40.00 brand new, I paid $2.00
Above is a leapfrog learning drum. This sells for 140.00 brand new. I paid $1.00.
And finally we have a Kolcraft umbrella stroller. It sells for 19.99 brand new. I bought it for $5.00. We got so much stuff at the first three garage sales that we had to come home and unload so we could continue to "shop". It was so fun. Someone gave me a slip n slide for free. I got a few other toys for shayshay, some really cute stuff, for 2.00 or less. I also got some clothes, Land's End and Children's place, for 1.00 or less. Today was the day for baby stuff shopping. Sometimes you go to garage sales and you never see any baby stuff. 90% of the sales today had baby stuff. Unfortunately, most of the girl clothes were 0-3 months size. :( My little princess is in 6-9 month size already. I also got her a sit-n-spin for $1.00. Do you remember those? They are so fun!! Alysha got some shoes she has been dying for, brand new, for 5.00 and I got Jon a miter saw. :) All in all it was an awesome garage saleing experience. (oh, I got some cute matching pajamas - $1.00, brand new.)

Ummmm, since nobody commented on my new blog name, does that mean It was a bad one???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the winner is...........

I finally decided. I did drop the "juliebean" part. I like it better. I really wanted to title it something that seemed to 'fit' me. Like Hila and her "nilla life" or Christina and "flying by the seat of my pants." Those titles just 'fit'. This title fits me here and now. I am living the life I have always wanted and although my days are up and down, I feel like it is most definitely charmed! I LOVE staying at home with my girls. Being a SAHM is hard work, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I am so blessed to be where I am today... sniff, sniff. On to less sentimental matters...............

I will be heading back to FL tomorrow!! I had a great time here in D-town. Kristy Darling, I miss laying on your couch already. sigh, what a wonderful time we had. I am homesick and ready to go back now. Maybe I am just Jon-sick. I miss my hubby terribly. It will be good to be home.

I am not finished updating my page. I will add some different pics on the side as soon as I get home. I tried to center my blog title, but it won't let me. I had to add periods just to get the words off the picture, but I think it still looks good, just not as good as I envisioned it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

whats in a name

Well, I am no longer pregnant or a princess, so I guess it is officially time to change my blog title. Last night I was throwing out some ideas with my mom and alysha. I am having a hard time finding just the perfect fit. Here are some ideas:

JulieBeans's journey

Juliebeans Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

A tale of two daughters

The mommy Chronicles

The Oreo Chronicles

Juliebeans "Sparkles"

"Sparkles" of life

The last two were suggested by my mother. She really liked that one word. Alysha and I laughed and laughed at those. I won't tell you which one I like the most, but leave me a comment and vote on the one you like. OR You can give me a new idea. :)

Meanwhile, I am still thinking about it. I will remove the pregnant pics as soon as I christen my blog with its new name. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Routinely pink

I hate pink. Why does everything baby girl have to be pink? I hope you noticed my new template background. It is pepto bismol pink. Although I do have strong negative feelings about the color, I think it looks good. Especially with all the baby pictures, since she is wearing pink alot. It looks more like a baby blog. Still, I wish they had a purple one... I still don't know how to choose one that is not on the list. Maybe one day someone can show me. I see other people's blogs with background templates that I KNOW are not in blogger, they somehow got a new one off the Internet. one day......

If you know me well, you will know that I LOVE routine. It is what keeps me balanced and makes my world spin round. :) Shay and I have a great routine. She wakes up in the morning and plays in her crib. I can hear her through the monitor as I am still half asleep/awake. Eventually her coos become more insistent, which wakes me up. I know she is getting ready to fuss if mommy does not show up soon. I always comply with her wishes. I head into her room and lean over the crib and talk to her. She just smiles and her whole body is electrified, she is just soooo happy. I turn on her little crib monitor light thingy (that is the technical term), and I go make my coffee and eat my breakfast. About 20-30 minutes later I go pick her up and feed her. She is so excited and happy. Thus begins our day.

Our day winds down at bath time, which happens promptly every night at 7:30. I get the bath ready while someone else in the family gets her undressed and then she takes a nice long bath. I like to let her play as long as she wants, it is so good for her to get out of that diaper for at least 20 min. (I rarely use desitin, I believe it is because I let her little bum soak every night.) :) After our bath, we go lotion up and get dressed for bed. Then is my favorite part of my day, when I rock my baby girl to sleep. Actually, it is every one's favorite, so Jon, Alysha and I take turns rocking that sweet baby girl. She is taking a bottle by 8:00 and down for the night shortly after. sigh....... I love routine.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Scooter, Tigger and the writing on the mirror

I got this scooter for $5.0o at a garage sale (that's right five dollars - what a deal!). It just needed batteries. We have had it for a while, we just got around to buying the batteries, which were 25.00 each. Alysha was excited. We all rode it, but I am not including pictures of me and my heifer self. :)It is just one of my great garage sale finds. This thing is so much fun!!

Shayla in her tigger suit. We were just trying it on her, to see if it would fit. She is just too cute. I have had this suit for many, many years. At least 5 years I have saved it for when I had a baby. I just loved it and it is from the Disney store. Somebody paid alot of money for it, for me it was free!!

My hubby leaves me little loves messages all along. Sometimes he writes a note and leaves it on the fridge, but sometimes he takes my good lipstick and writes me a note on my mirror. :) It is super sweet. This is also why my lipsticks are all flat. Luckily I only wear lipstick once a year at most, so no big deal. They are probably all stale anyway.