Thursday, July 29, 2010

5 months

Alysha told me I had to take a belly shot, like I did with Shayla. So here it is:

This week I am officially five months along. I am getting excited about this little baby bean.

I have just started showing so I am officially in maternity smalls and med shirts. I was so blessed that two different girls I knew were giving away their maternity clothes and they gave me two full bags. I got some really cute stylish tops and stuff. I am excited to have more choices in what I wear everyday... for free. :) I still do not look preggo as much as I look like I gained some weight in my middle. I think I just look fat... my tummy is not rounded yet. I remember blogging about this last looks like I have half a watermelon under my shirt....I like it when my belly rounds out and all my tight maternity tops fit just right. :)

I am feeling the baby move almost daily now. I felt this baby move really early in this pregnancy. I have been feeling it for weeks. In the last few weeks it has started happening more often. I LOVE this part of pregnancy - feeling that little one rolling around in there. :) It is a little miracle.

I am dreaming vividly again. It is amazing how being pregnant affects you. My dreams are so emotional and realistic. I remember this from last time... dreaming like crazy every night.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The babybean Adventures

If I had thought of it sooner, I would have named my blog... BABY BEAN ADVENTURES.... That is soo cute. (My nickname is Juliebean.... in case you did not get it... )

I had a terrible weekend. On Friday night I had a tightness in my left side in the abdominal area. I went to bed thinking my muscle was just tight. At 2:00 a.m. I am awake and in excruciating pain in my left side. I can barely sit, stand, or walk. It really feels like a pulled muscle to me, simply because there was one position I could get in while sitting or laying that would alleviate the pain. I reasoned that if it was a kidney stone or something terrible, I would find no rest or reprieve from the pain.

BUT, I am pregnant, so I was worried that something was wrong with the baby since the pain was in my abdomen. Of course, this was my hubby's weekend to work, so I call his barracks and wake him up. I am debating going to the ER. Unfortunately, he says they are working a skeleton crew and he cannot leave at all. poo. This is the hard thing about being military and moving around, I have no family to lean on.

My only choice is to wait til morning and leave when it is light outside. I wake Alysha up about 8 and she helps me to get dressed. I am not exaggerating to say that it took me a solid hour to change clothes and walk to my van. Whew! I am in SO MUCH PAIN! I can barely move. At this point I am a little afraid for my baby.

I drive myself to the ER. I had to park in the back forty and walk, I use the term "walk" loosely, up to the door. I am extremely lucky that there is no one else in the waiting room and they take me on back. The poke and prod me and take all my bodily fluids. An hour later, the diagnosis was simply, "we don't know whats wrong, come back if it gets worse." All my tests were fine, they did a simple ultrasound and the baby was fine. It was rocking around in there with a steady heartbeat. Their best guess? My Uterine wall was contracting. When they are releasing me, Hubby shows up. :) I love my hubby. I have cried alot laying there all by myself, it is good to have him there.

I am blessed I was literally only in the ER for an hour and a half. Total. They gave me pain pills, which was N-I-C-E. I did not know you can take this stuff when preggo. I called my OBGYN, just to double ck. His over the phone diagnosis of my description of my pain, "Your uterus is growing and it can be very painful." ? what's up with the Uterus?

I am blessed to have Alysha. She completely took care of Shayla and me for the next two days til dad could come home. (he immediately went back to work.) I popped pills and slept thru Sat and Sunday. By Monday I could walk and sit and move without horrific pain. Today I am all better. Was it my uterus or my muscles? Maybe it was a uterus muscle... down by my pelvic bone... hahaha.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Final beach pics

This is the cutest little body shot. I saw this everyday on the way to the pool. That little body would walk down the hallway to the elevator. She was so excited. :)

Me and my beautiful 14yr old. Look how tall.
My girls at the shopping/eating place. :)
Jon came down for a day and hung out.
I got Lysh a Henna tattoo. It was pretty, but a big waste of money.
Everytime we would hit a stop sign, Lysh would take our picture. So funny. We look like sista's
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

four months along

Went to the doctor today. Heard the baby's heartbeat. She said all is well. These appointments strike me as pointless. You show up, pee in a cup, stand on a scale, see the doc for two seconds... then your done. Of course, don't forget about the endless waiting in the waiting room and the exam room. Big fat waste of time... and speaking of fat....... I have gained four pounds. That would be total for my whole pregnancy. Four pounds in four months. It really does not sound too bad when you word it that way... But really it is four pounds in the last four weeks since my last useless appointment. :)

I told my doctor that I am tired from sun up to sun down and I sleep ALOT during the day and still sleep all night. It is so funny that every time I tell them I have an immediate problem they just send off for tests or cultures or whatever and I get nothing to help me feel better. So, her diagnosis of my unnatural tiredness? Thyroid. I have to go get bloodwork - I assume it is blood work - since no one explained to me. I just have to go to quest and either pee in a cup again... whoopee ... or let them stick a needle in my arm.... again. So, that means I wait until my next appointment... four weeks away.... to find out what is wrong. What do I do in the meantime? Sleep my life away? Luckily Shayla is so good and docile and likes to just play on the floor wherever I am napping. (and I have a teenager to keep an eye on her). sigh.

I did make my appointment for THE ULTRASOUND. The one where I should find out what it is. It is August 18th. I am excited about that. This is the exciting part of pregnancy for me. I love this ultra sound. Jon and the girls there with me as we find out what the new addition to our family will be. Sweet memories. I remember vividly the day we had Shayla's ultrasound. It was awesome. Since this will be our last Ultrasound Day, I will enjoy it thoroughly.

To end on a happy note... I got two new bags full of maternity clothes. Two different ladies I know were giving them away!! They are so cute and stylish!! i am wearing maternity now just to get some use out of them. Alysha is jealous cause I look so cute!! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

beach trip part 2

Look at that white body. Luckily for me, she does not burn easy. I forgot sun tan lotion and she did not even get a little pink. Look at that belly!!

so pretty!
This girl loves to laugh.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

beach trip part one

Just some cool shots of my girls from our week at the beach.

She loved the pool. She just laid back in my arms all peaceful. We went to the pool everyday.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my girls

Shayla likes to put my shirt around her neck and dance around. :)
Isn't my teenager pretty?
This is my girls at KP Hole, a local spring. Shay is hot and tired, we had been there almost two hours.
There is my good looking man. :)
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting things done

I am finally feeling back to my old self, except that I am VERY TIRED. My sickness went away, but my energy level is still pretty low. I feel like I am accomplishing more and more every day, instead of less and less. :) Let me just say, it feels good to feel good!

I have ordered our homeschool curriculum for next year. My baby girl is in 10th grade!! There was much debate this year on what we wanted to use. Kinda tired of the boring old textbooks that give the same boring information in the same old BORING way. So this year we went with Sonlight, which we have never used before, but it encompasses english, bible and history. We chose teaching textbooks for math, Abeka for Biology, and rosetta stone for language (spanish).(thanks Linda for all your suggestions!)

That might be boring for ya if you don't homeschool, but I am stoked. It was VERY Expensive this year. That is the most I have ever spent. I know it will be worth it though, especially with the new baby coming. I needed curriculum that I can lead, but she can do mostly independently. I think Sonlight is going to meet our needs. By the time the baby comes in January, we will have done school for 18 weeks and Lysh will be in the swing of things. I will be able to be more hands on the first half of the year, before Junior arrives. :)

Coming up in my world: I am letting my girls go to my parents to spend 5 days without me next week. I am excited, but mostly apprehensive. I will enjoy the peace and quiet of JULIE time, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls. I will miss them intensely and the thought of being apart from them makes me a little nervous and sad. :) I think that makes me normal.

Also coming up is our week at the beach!! My cousin gets a free condo every year and invites us. We leave on the 10th (minus Jon) and get to spend 7 glorious days at St Pete Beach relaxing. Shayla is older this year and will be SO INTO the sand and water. Last year she was prissy and did not like the way the sand felt. She is much different now. Her sand box is her favorite toy!!

Finally, Jon is taking Alysha to her first Nascar Race. Jon is a HUGE Nascar fan, so he has been many times. She is a little unsure whether she will like it. I have been trying to convince her that either way, she can say she has been to a race and had the experience. who knows? she might LOVE it. It will be me and the monkey all day and night, cause it is an all day experience. They got FUNZONE passes, so they are leaving early. I am looking forward to chillin with my monkeylove. I do love my family life. :)

Here are two pictures of Shayla from the Beach Last year -