Thursday, February 26, 2009

hubby in action

We recently got a new digital camera, so Hubby has been taking the old one to work and taking pics. These are pretty good, USCG Yankeetown in action. (of course, he is not in any of them, since he took them.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Tooth!!

Shayla has tooth number three. It is on the top. She did not seem to be in major pain with this one, which was great for mommy!! She teethed for a few days, drooling and gnawing on stuff, but that was all! Now she can crunch on those crackers even easier.

Shayla loves to go outside. Alysha and I have started going outside with her everyday. It is nice weather outside lately, so we have been laying outside on a blanket. I just lay there and read while Shay plays with her toys. She LOVES it. Alysha and I do too cause we are getting tan in the process. What a nice relaxing thing to do everyday, right in the middle of the day.(How lazy are we?) The coolest thing is that Shay always wears her hat. I just cannot believe she does not take it off. She is so fair skinned, she has to have it on, but I thought it would be a fight. Nope! She loves it. How cute!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Trip to Destin

Jon and I went to Destin, just the two of us, no kiddo's, while we were in Dothan visiting my parents. Dothan is only an hour and half from Destin, so it is a nice place to vacation, especially without the kids. :)

This is us, heading out to Hard Rock.
We went to Santa Rosa Beach and just relaxed for a few hours. No where to be, nothing to do!!

This is me, laying out on the beach. It is chilly but sooooo relaxing!
This is jon sitting on our balcony. When we got to the hotel, we just sat out there and watched the sun go down. It was the best day. Our view was Beautiful.

Sunset...... going.........


Gone.... sigh.... once the sun set, we went to eat at Hard Rock.
This is our view, during the day. The next morning, it was absolutely gorgeous. We have stayed here before, this hotel gives an excellent military discount and it was off season, so it was cheap. Man, a night away, just the two of us was just what the doctor ordered. We basically did nothing, but it was wonderful. I felt renewed and ready to take on the world... err well, my nine month old and teenager anyway. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

self feeding burrito

Lately, I have noticed shay is watching very intently while we eat and she makes chewing motions with her mouth. So, I gave her a cracker this week for the first time. She is so cute!! She sucks on it and then takes itty bitty baby bites out of it - with her two little front teeth. She LOVES it. She eats more and more "big girl food". I have mushed up rice and fed her mashed potatoes on some occasions. Today we went to LaBamba and she had rice and refried beans. She LOVED refried beans. Jon called her our little burrito. It was great.

I got to hold the sweetest little baby boy this week. Little Levi D. was not quite six weeks old. I forgot just how little bitty they are in your arms. Shay is so big, it feel like I am holding a toddler, not a baby. I did not get any pictures of me and Levi. :( So I put a picture of my little sweet one about that age.

And this is her all grown up!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

nine month check up

I took shay for her check up. All is well.

She weighs 21 lbs 7 ozs - which puts her in the 90th%.

She is 27 inches - which puts her right above the 50th%.

Her head is 19 around - which puts her ABOVE THE 97% range. As I have said many times, this baby has a big ol' head!!!! but I love that big ol' head. :)

Also, they put her on some vitamins supplements. The doc said they prescribe them to all babies starting at six months. I went to pick them and they are not covered by insurance, so I did NOT get them. I really wasn't too keen on it anyway. She looks really healthy to me. Why vitamin supplements? It seems like that would only be necessary if she was deficient.

They pricked her finger and checked her hemoglobin. Did you know that they can prick a little bitty baby's finger? I thought they did that at the heel. Her fingers are so little. It was awful.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Teenager

For Alysha's birthday we went down to my aunt's house in south Florida. Alysha wanted to shop and hang out with her friends. She took her bestie with her. We had a great weekend celebrating my oldest becoming a teenager. We ate Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden and Athenos. We shopped and shopped. Here are some pics:

Jon, alysha, me, kelsey

alysha and her buds, sam and kelsey

Jon took them to the beach to get sea shells

they did alot of laying on the couch watching tv

again, just hanging out in front of the computer and tv. teenager life... :)

My aunt has a huge computer monitor like 24 inches. It was really cool to play Zuma on that huge screen. We also got to see the superbowl in real life size. My uncle has a 62 inch tv with Bose surround sound, hi definition. It was almost like being there, Jennifer Hudson looked like she was standing in the living room. We were so close to the Rayjay that when the jets flew over, they flew right over the house and it was LOUD. We could also step outside and see the fireworks. So, it was cool. The game was so good. I don't like NFL, I am a college football girl, but I was rooting for the cardinals cause they were the underdog. They almost had it too.