Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6 months

Finally half way thru!

I went to the doctor last week. I gained another four pounds. Which means I have gained a total of 8 pounds so far. The doctor said the average for six months is 10 pounds, so I am under that, which is good.I am actually feeling better. I am active all day. I still feel the need to sit alot, but I do not sleep all day. That is so much better.

I am actually at a good point in my pregnancy, not big enough to be really uncomfortable and not sick at all. I am planning to enjoy these next few weeks. I have been pressure washing my driveway for the last two weeks. :) Trying to stay active and busy while I can. :)

I have a nice round baby bump now. I am showing nicely. We had company all week, Jon's cousin from California. Here are some pics. In case your are wondering, I am the big round one by the two skinny ones.... hahahaha! Alysha and Allison look exactly the same.... Allie is 22, but Alysha looks so grown up you cannot tell. They are beautiful girls!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

All Things New

It's a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had our ultrasound Tuesday. Jon, Alysha, Shayla and I all go back to the room. Shay and Lysh sit in the two chair and Jon stands by the bed with me. We are all staring at the 42" flat screen. :) That little baby comes up and it was so awesome! She takes some head shots and moves around and I am looking at the full body shot and I asked her, "Is that what I think it is?" She just smiles. I know I have never seen that on an ultrasound before. So she puts the arrow on the baby and says, "Can you see that dad?" It's DEFINITELY a boy. :) hahaha. It was so funny. Lysh squealed, Jon laughed, and Shay is saying, "TV, TV" She was enthralled with the big ole tv on the wall.

Then she turned up the heartbeat so we could all hear it and Shay Shouts, "BABY" :) how cute is that? How did she know that was the baby's?

All in all it was a good day. Baby is doing great. She changed my due date to December 31. We had a great time and now we know it is a boy!

The first picture shows us that it is a boy. :) There is an arrow pointing to where you need to look. haha
This is a profile picture. Just his little head, looking down on him. :) Pretty neat. Looks like an alien to me....