Tuesday, July 22, 2008

shayla swinging

She looks more and more like Jon everyday! That outfit she has on I bought while in Alabama. It says Beach babe. Too cute!! She needed new clothes like a I need a third arm... but it was fun.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the summer of shayla

The summer is almost over. School will begin again soon. Shayla will be 12 weeks old this Wednesday. What a ride it has been. The Summer of Shayla is pretty much over.

Let me just say for all you ladies out there that have not had a baby - BABIES are ALOT of WORK. I can hear mommies all over shouting their amens. Now, this is not my first baby, but as I am much older this time around, it took more out of me. I would like to say that so far this has been a magical and beautiful experience..... but I cannot. The first two months were not enjoyable. I really did remind myself DAILY that this was time with her was special and fleeting and that I should enjoy it. I told myself I was going to miss this. Right now I can honestly look back on the first two months and say I do not miss it, nor do I ever want to do it again.

I have really just started to really enjoy her since she hit about 9 weeks old. I had a really hard time at first with this baby. I got a serious case of the baby blues, as they call it. When I think back on it, it was a dark time for me. I now look forward to holding her and taking care of her. She is such a sweet sweet sweetness. From this point on I can say I will miss holding her and loving her at this age, even when she is fussy and has bad days, she feels so good to hold and love.

I wonder if I wait another twelve years and have a baby if I will forget the terribleness of the first two months and do it again? I just don't remember it being this way with Alysha, but it very well could have been. (of course, in twelve years I will be well into my 40's ....) I have no plans of having anymore though. Two was always my limit. Two is plenty, in my humble opinion. I think I will wait for my first born to have some and enjoy them. Grandbabies are so much more fun (or so I hear).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two month Check up- OOH BIG BABY

I took Shayla to the doctor today for her two month check up and shots. (she is actually two and a half months old). We got there today and the first thing they do is weigh the baby. They tell you to strip them down to their diapers. Shayla weighed 13lbs 5 oz. What a big girl. They also did her height while she was there and she was 25 inches long!! What a big girl. No wonder she feels so heavy. The nurse showed me on the chart where they mark the height and weight. It is like a scale and a normal size at her age would have leveled into the 20 to 70th percentile. Her height was not in the 95th percentile, it was ABOVE IT! There was no line for how big she is. Her weight was at the top of the 95th percentile. That is why she is outgrowing clothes left and right, she is a HUGE baby. Since she is the spitting image of Jon, I assume this tallness trait is from his side of the family. Jon is not that tall, but his dad and brother are.

She was sooo good today. She just lay there and looked at that doctor while the doctor did her exam. She even smiled at her. She did not cry once. She likes new people and usually does really good. She especially likes men, she will smile big for men, but her doctor is of the female persuasion, so we only got a small smile. She is the whitest little thing I have ever seen. She was laying there on that white paper they line the table with and her white skin just blended right in. haha. camouflage. Alysha was the opposite. She had an olive skin tone, like mine, from the very beginning.

Then she got her shots!! Mommy was more nervous than anything. She had to get four shots today. FOUR! She did really good. She just cried a little bit. I expected her to wail and scream, but she did not. She cries louder than that when we take the bottle out of her mouth mid-feeding. So, all in all, it was a good visit. We do not have to go back until her four month check up. I am so blessed she has been completely healthy. No sick baby visits as of yet. I LOVE the doctor we saw today, she was really sweet.