Monday, March 15, 2010

Shayla Shots

She is such a little thing, but she makes huge messes.... daily.
Shay's first time licking the beater.
Lysh and I kept the Shay's age nursery last Sunday and there was this little girl, who was about 4, in there with her mom. This little girl just loved the little kids and kept wanting to pick them up. She really liked shayla and asked her mom if she could "pick the baby up". Her mom answered, "She is not a baby, she is a toddler" . . . . . . My little baby girl is not a baby anymore... It makes me sad..................
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


There is my hubby rockin' his "man-purse". lol. At least, that is what he called it. He had a pain pump inserted internally that pumped pain meds right into his shoulder once an hour. He was pain free for the first four days after surgery. The only downfall is that I had to remove the catheter on day four. Let me just say, I could never be a nurse. Saying that it made me squeamish is putting it mildly. But, I love my hubby, and it had to be done.... so I did it.

Hubby is doing great. His surgery was very successful and much smoother than the first one. What a great experience. The first time around was awful. It was such a relief this time. Now we move on to the land of Physical Therapy. I have taken on two new roles.....Physical Therapist and Chauffeur. He cannot drive until he is out of the sling, which will not be for another month and a half. He also has to do his therapy twice a day at home, along with the daily therapy visits to the actual PT office. Fun. So add to my already overflowing day of homeschooling, taking care of a very active toddler, and all my other wifely duties.

This is the stuff life is made of......and life is good. I love that good - looking man up there in that picture. :) And like my mother always says..."This too shall pass..."