Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 months old

Callen is three months old! I cannot believe he is so old. Some updates on Callen:

I put him in Size two diapers this week. Sniff sniff, he is growing so fast.

He is wearing size 3-6 month clothes. He is so tiny, but so long! I love how light he is.

He laughs out loud everytime I change his clothes. For some reason taking his clothes on and off, over his head, makes his just laugh and smile.

He goes to bed every night at the same time and sleeps 7-8 hours. He goes down at 10 p.m. and he gets up around 5 or 6. He takes a bottle and goes back to bed til 8 or 9. I am not terribly impressed with this, not to complain, but I really think he should be sleeping 10-11 hours by now. Shayla was at this point.

He NEVER makes a sound. This is HANDS DOWN the quietest baby I have ever seen. He is so quiet I forget he is there about once a day. I get shay down for her nap and sometimes I go lay down myself before I remember Cal is hanging out in his seat. I am so afraid I will leave the house without him one day. He is so laid back. If I did not keep him on a schedule, he would never eat. He never cries when he is hungry or wet, he just lays and plays.

He lays and plays for hours at a time. He does not require much. He coos and talks ALOT. It is so sweet. He obviously loves the sound of his own voice. He yells and howls. Lysh will "howl" at him and he will "howl" back. It is so cute!

He has outgrown his bassinet. His is just too long for it. Into the crib he will go, as soon as we get where we are going.

He is particularly strong. He can hold his head and body up like none of my girls could at this age. He is awesome!

I am so blessed that he is such a sweet happy-go-lucky boy. Since this is my last one. I know, I know, I have said that before. This time we did some permanent fixing.... no more babies for us! I do not feel any pangs of regret about this. I am enjoying this little man immensely. He is a joy to be around and to take care of on a daily basis. I never had my screaming colicky baby. Lysh was as good as Cal, and shay was high strung, but none of my babies were screamers. I just knew one of them would come out screaming and keep on going for the first few months. (at least this is the story you hear from other moms). None of them did. Shay was by far the most demanding, but she was not colicky and particularly fussy.


Nilla said...

Too funny that he laughs when he gets his clothes changed! I bet his laugh is absolutely precious! I hope I get to meet him EVENTUALLY! Preferably before he's 1!

Sarah said...

I tagged you and Lysh, I still don't have access to her blog so can you tell her for me. Thanks!