Saturday, July 30, 2011

on the road again

Today I spent the day packing. We are officially heading down to Florida for a month. Jon completed his three weeks of training and now he goes off to work in the field for three months. He will work all over, but for a month he will be Jax. We are so excited. Since we still have the house down there, he can come home on the weekends. He is working monday thru thursday and he will come home every thursday night and leave again sunday night. This is a temporary training position for three months. We are so blessed by God that for the first month he will be in Florida.

So, I packed up all our meager belongings and we head out to make a home for a month somewhere else. I have only been here in ala for 6 days. We were just waiting to hear where he is gonna be, to know which way to head (to Ga or to Fl).

All our homeschool curriculum has come in but math, so we will start school this month in florida. I am worried about how much of a challenge this will be, since we do not have a permanent home, but we are going to jump in with both feet. Alysha is taking Chemisty, Geometry, Economics, art appreciation, and english/literature. It will be a challenging year, but a very exciting one. I love homeschooling.

Shayla and Callen are growing up so fast! Got together with some special friends and Shay got to play with a sweet little boy named Levi. She has been asking for 'Levi' and "miss kisty" ever since. She has a blast. I did too. It was the best trip to D-twon I have had in over a year.

Off we head to air mattresses and a big empty house, and I cannot wait to get there!

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Nilla said...

That's because it's nice to have a place to yourself :). Your own little family in your own little home :). It will be a nice month :). Love you!